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Medieval Europe


mary sandoval

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Medieval Europe

Medieval Europe
By: Juliana Sandoval
By 500 A.D the first christian bible was completed.The early popes sent missionaries of Christianity to every part of Europe.
first event
One of the most important German kingdoms was the Franks.By 700 A.D it controlled much of what would become France and Germany.
second event
In 771 A.D Charlemagne was elected king of the Franks.Through war he added more of Germany and parts of Spain and Italy including Rome to the kingdom of the Franks.
third event
On Christmas day in the year 800 A.D , Charlemagne knelt before the pope in the Church of St.Peter in Rome and was proclaimed the protector of the Christian Church in the west
fourth event
fifth event
After Charlemagne 's death in 814 A.D his empire was inherited by his son and grandson and then broke up into several kingdoms.
sixth event
In 814 A.D several Germanic gropes like the Angle, Saxons, Jutes, and the Danes helped to find the first English kingdom.
seventh event
By 1046 A.D German Emperor Henry III arrives in Italy and names a German monastic reformer as pope. The series of reforming popes that follow enacts decrees against simony and clerical marriage.
eighth event
By 1049 A.D The Cluniac monastic reform sparks interest in the reform of the clerical hierarchy.

History textbook
Hello I'm Juliana from NNEW this weeks new news is from the Medieval times.Currently I'm in the 500A.D and I'm getting the first copy of the christian bible!!Now travailing to 700 A.D where the franks are taking control of parts of France and Germany.Lets go to 771 A.D where in front of me Charlemagne is being elected king of the franks.Now reporting from 800 A.D where Charlemagne has Knelt before the pope in the St. Peter church in Rome.Now it is 814 A.D Charlemagne just died right before my eyes and his grandson and his son inherited the empire and broke it up into many kingdoms.
I'm back for more interesting news.Now we are still in 814 A.D and I'm just observing that groups like the angle and the Saxon and many more helped find the the first English kingdom.Now travailing to 1046 A.D Henry III just arrived in Italy and named a German monastic reformer as pope.Now the last place is 1049 A.D were the Cluniac monastic reform sparks interest in the reform of the clerical hierarchy.Thank you see you next week on NNEW.
part 2
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