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DAP-Services - technology enabler to color associations

Enabling applications based on color associations method

David Pešek

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of DAP-Services - technology enabler to color associations

Color-association psychometrical diagnostics.
Fast, effective, reliable.
For all ages, wotks on-line, instant results within 3 minutes after completing the diagnostics.
Developed in cooperation between psychologists and ICT specialists.
Ready for Your projects, too.
Human resources
Self assessment
Market research
Psychological diagnostics is now a common personal assessment tool since the success of an individual in his/her position / team is based on individual human characteristics, which cannot be found in the CV.

These characteristics, attitudes, behavioral schemes can be assessed using our methodology.

Our portfolio includes a broad spectrum of services and products available for HR assessment.

Check out the www.balancemanagement.com version, and there´s more
Have You had more energy last year? What team roles You play most often i Your teams? How do these roles change under stressfull conditions? How do they change if You face a change in Your life or work? How do Your employees feel? What are their attitudes towards their work? How can You motivate them?

Results of our diagnostics answer all these questions. They include a view over the present situation and a map of ongoing changes.

The diagnostics does not require any previous knowledge.
The results are instantly available.
Thanks to our product, based on the Color associations method, adapted for tablets to simplify the usage by pre-school children, the principals and teachers in kindergartens can assess the climate in their classrooms through their childrens atitude maps.

For ages 3-6.

Assistance to children needed while testing (we are working on a project to replace words with symbols).
School evaluation
Schools influence millions of children every day.

How can teachers show the parents that their school is good?
How can teachers assess the school effectivity and climate?

The diagnostics based upon Color associations methodology can not be fooled by a overwhelm of words.

The results can help schools identify strengths and weaknesses, even hidden threats. We can help Your school compete. Check our diagnostics to see the results of YOUR school.
Crisis in the classroom
The results of a longitudal research on crisis situations in the Czech republic classess showed, that there are four main causes of the situations in the classes which can be addressed by effective interventions:
aggressive behavior
relations between boys and girls
teachers influence
school atmosphere

The results show the centres and the causes, help create and realise effective intervention plan.
Weariness, fatique, too much work, stress, Unidentified "strange feelings". Not really bad, but...almost.
We all ask ourselves questions where have our physical troubles their root and how to effectively dissolve them.

Where do we start? Psychologue? Medical doctor? Alternative medicine? Workout in a gym? Massage? Therapist?

Try our Color association methodology based internet test. We assess the four basic body subsystems. Kinetic, digestive, circulatory and expiratory.
Alternative medicine
We are currently running research activities.

The target of our team is to construct a psychometric diagnostic tool based on the Color associations methodology, that could present results which would be used for several types of alternative healing.

If interested, feel free to contact us.
The results od our diagnostics will help You
improve the team atmosphere,
motivate the team for results,
choose a suitable sport for Your child,
see the roots of success and failures,
set up a training roadmap for a sporting individual,
choose appropriate roles for the persons in the team,
discover motivation crisis roots
Color associations based methodology can help your marketing activities.

We are in close co-operation with several marketing companies on the Czech market, why not use the results abroad?
Looking for woldwide partners, usual roadmap:
meeting and synergy assessment,
localization of the language dependent information,
creation of a service web page,
validation of the methodology in different language,
products preparation,
pilot project,
business network creation and product go-live,
further segments development possible.

Financing is a topic we will discuss along the way.

Who wants to find a way, will.
Skype: dap-services.cz
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