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Phases to School Improvement Plan

No description

Mary Victor

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Phases to School Improvement Plan

School Improvement... Standing on our own Two Feet Excelling and Beyond Phase One Phases To School Improvement Plan.. Created by Mary Victor Discussing the elephant in the room Top down
bottom up A team of dedicated and faithful teachers Academically Behaviorally exchanging success stories encouraging and not shunning new initiatives budget to pay for resources such as a cafeteria Discovering the treasure
that lies within There are NO
quick fixes Phase Three Phase Two Main Theme
Collaboration Between teachers to gain multiple perspectives Between teachers and principle and students to gain maximum results A New Face Resources Visionary Leadership brings about new hope Advanced Ed Voices of teachers and students Dream day Kiosk School Improvement Team Introduction and Categorizing Problems Digging deeper Apply a solution
and promote it Evaluate outcomes,
findings, and
overall experience Agenda: Focus on a set of problem and model Action Research to propose solutions. till we arrive at a solution and implement it or discuss a set of problems each week Understanding School Improvement Standards
and defining problem dimensions Observe the outcomes
Feedback from teachers
AT observations Time Required:
6 Weeks with meetings once a week. Collect Data Applications
interviews Speak
Opinion Proposed Time:
1-2 Weeks Proposed Time: 1 Day Recruit Team Members Code Data
Categorize issues
Count Frequencies of Teachers and Students
Delegate problems Express in Your Own Words
How do you see the School in 5 Years? Activity: 1)Vote for a problem
2)In pairs explain reform standards and match problem against standards
3) Match problem against standards. Activity: Categorizing problems
using flash cards Objectives: Explaining the project and motivation behind it. The team would get to know one another on a deeper professional level. Know statistics of issues pertaining to teachers and students and be able to discern the big themes Objective: Know reform standards, match problem against standards and defining problem dimensions Objectives: Understand Action Research cycle and philosophy Activity: Research a problem and discussing possible alternatives for solutions.
Design a questionnaire for more information about a problem Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6 Objective: Discussing survey findings and possible alternatives for solutions and choosing one HW: Research the problem HW: distribute questionnaire HW: Apply and promote solution Defining problem dimension using concept maps "Whatever process a school employs for its continuous improvement cycle, it’s important that the whole school is engaged in the discussion and is accountable for the results. School improvement is not the sole responsibility of the principal or the School Improvement Team. It is an initiative and a process that is owned by everyone involved in the life of the school." is not a one man's job... Research Problem: Arriving at school improvement plan
that takes into account the perspectives of teachers. Main Questions: Where are we now?
Where do we want to be?
How do we achieve that? Proposed plan of action... START!
6-8 Teachers from various departments,
varying years of experience(inside or outside the school,
and various ages and/or backgrounds.
Ideally a representative from each department. proposed time 1 week Criteria for choosing them? organize and prepare data Collaborate
negative positive incentives? Who are the team members? Action Research The End Student Council+ Administration+ Teacher's Council Time Required:
6 Weeks with meetings once every other week. Agenda: Each unit will meet on it's own so in the bimonthly meeting the 3 units will combine to share updates and reflect on alternative findings/solutions/recommendations/procedures. Recruiting of subcommittees maybe required to delegate responsibilities Teachers' Council Proposed Agenda
For Meetings Role?
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