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Self-publishing - a source of innovative thinking and how to benefit from it

a presentation prepared for Ebook Lab Italia Conference, March 3-5, 2011, Rimini.

Piotr Kowalczyk

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Self-publishing - a source of innovative thinking and how to benefit from it

digital writer
e-book enthusiast
average Internet user Self-publishing
- a source of innovative thinking and how
to benefit from it about the author Ebook Lab Italia Conference, March 3-5, 2011, Rimini publishing via Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo geek fiction, Google-translated stories and iPhone comics Piotr kowalczyk (nick name) guest writer at TeleRead, partner of Read an E-book Week, founder of Ebook Friendly spending too much time with social media and mobile applications presentation is available at the address: Piotr Kowalczyk
http://twitter.com/namenick Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License http://bit.ly/ebooklab "Self-publishing is the publication of any book or other media by the author of the work, without the involvement of an established third-party publisher.
It is generally entirely done at the expense of the author." what is self-publishing? Wikipedia book let's focus on a print
publishing digital
publishing free from expenses typical
for traditional publishing:
shipping digital publishing vs. big publisher book production editing
reviews employees, outsourcing employees, outsourcing employees, outsourcing e-bookstores in-house, e-bookstores advertising in traditional media, internet incl. social media traditional media, internet self-publisher book production editing
reviews personally, fellow writers personally, fellow writers personally, e-bookstores e-bookstores e-bookstores social media activity internet, fellow writers big
publisher self
publisher established player
in a book industry average
internet user is there any difference? big money a lot to loose
routine nothing to loose
determination macro scale self energy micro scale innovation it's hard to notice it, as it's very seldom breaking into front pages of magazines Why do we have to innovate? Attention of a reader Areas of innovation what can help me draw readers' attention? single Areas of innovation what can help us draw readers' attention? group writing editing design publishing promotion Example: writing 3D1D Project "3D1D" stands for 3 days, 1 draft.
In October 2009, webfiction writer MCM
started a fascinating livewriting project:
in under 72 hours he wrote a draft of a novel,
46,000 words. Chapters were shared
with readers and their remarks were
influencing the story flow.
As a result a novel "Dustrunners:
Typhoon" was published. Example: writing, editing, publishing Bathrobe Guru When Google Wave launched, almost
immediately writers started to use it
as a lifestream, collaborative writing tool.
"Bathrobe Guru" is a short story written
and edited by Adrian Graham, in front
of the audience. All Google Wave gadgets
(f.e. polls, videos) were used to engage
the readers into the story.
The next day after it was finished, the story
was published at Feedbooks. Example: promotion Excel Story In March 2009, David Nygren shared
on Twitter an idea to write a short story...
in an Excel spreadsheet.
Column A - action, B - dialog, C - each
character's thoughts.
The story written a couple of weeks
later was widely commented
across internet.
It is a great example of how other areas
of life can be embraced by literature. reviews blog tours cooperatives promotion help
communities Example: reviews Indie Call to Action A fantastic example of cooperation
between self-publishers.
April Hamilton from Publetariat
called the writers to find,
review and promote other authors' books.
The reviewed books - or the ones worth
reviewing - were shared on Twitter
with a tag #indieaction. Example: cooperatives Bite-Size Edits A great service where you can submit
your text and fellow writers will edit it
bite by bite.
But it's much beyond a free editing
service. Most active editors earn
points, increasing their chances
to be discovered by potential
readers. Example: promotion #FridayFlash Originated by J.M. Strother,
#FridayFlash is a Twitter meme
designed to increase writers'
online visibility.
Every Friday writers share links
to their flash-fiction stories.
To make them easier to find,
each tweet includes
a #FridayFlash tag. Pentecost success story by Joanna Penn A debut novel by one of the most acclaimed bloggers in the self-publishing world. Her blog,
The Creative Penn, is a top place to find advice
on how to write,publish and promote a book.
Joanna Penn used a knowledge she was sharing with fellow writers, to launch her own book
- with a fantastic result... within
24 hours
from launch
"Pentecost" was
one of top 1,000
bestsellers in
Kindle Store 0.01 how many self-publishers are so successful? % innovation what if not royalties from my own books? other ways of earning money ads affiliate
programs services combination Example: affiliate programs Ebook Friendly An Amazon Associate Store
with a strong value added:
browsing for books is free from
distractions (banners, widgets, links)
typical for web pages. Example: services The Book Designer Joel Friedlander runs an extremely
popular blog with an advice
and inspiration for self-publishers.
On top of that he offers paid services:
book design (cover and page layout),
production handling and editing. Google Adsense Amazon Associate
Google eBookstore cover design
programming advice writing
public relations Links:
Excel Story: http://www.theurbanelitist.com
Bite-Size Edits: http://www.bitesizeedits.com/index.html
3D1D Project: http://889.ca
J.M. Strother - Mad Utopia: http://jmstrother.com/MadUtopia
The Creative Penn: http://www.thecreativepenn.com
Publetariat: http://publetariat.com
The Book Designer: http://thebookdesigner.com How to benefit? other self-publishers follow a good example AND build your own, extra value over it
be brave, you have nothing to loose
intensify your social media presence
explore your niche, focus on what's the essence of your writing
take part in self-publishing initiatives How to benefit? big publishers test new authors
test new genres
use author's reader platforms (example: Like Bees to Honey)
be creative to engage digital readers (example: We Tell Stories)
benefit from the power of new trends (example: Twitterature)
benefit from the power of communities (example: Authonomy) self-published books in Kindle Store's Top 50 self-publishing on the rise 0 18 March 2010 January 2011 Source: Planet iPad The reader is distracted:
form of a book (print, audio, electronic, enhanced)
number of books published
technology (formats, devices, book sources)
different reading experiences (blogs, comments, feeds)
different internet activities (it's not about reading after all) Cover design by Joel Friedlander Book launch:
• interviews
• blog tours
• social media activity
• prizes (a.o. free book marketing
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