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No description

Danica De Gracia

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of CEBU PACIFIC AIR

Why is Cebu Pacific so successful?
* The success of Cebu Pacific cannot be attributed by its pricing strategy alone but in the light of marketing mix as well.
Customer Perceived Value
*Cebu Pacific is not selling price as it's main attraction; rather, it is selling customer value.

*This customer value includes giving customer value program like hassle-free online reservations, a courteous check in counter, on time departure and arrivals, party games during flights and many more.
*Cebu Pacific Air is the largest Airline company providing the most domestic flights in the Philippines.

*It was first established in 1998 and began operations in March 1996.

*Cebu Pacific understands its costumers' needs and adds more customer value.
*In terms of promotions, Cebu Pacific also has made use of the social platforms just like twitter and YouTube that gain interest from million of viewers in social media.
*Lastly, another factor that makes Cebu Pacific Successful is the commitment from it's staff. From the CEO to the ground crew.
1.)Cebu Pacific's success can be attributed to low price strategy and loyal costumers. Why do you think value pricing is not just about lowering prices of your product?
2.)Describe how Cebu Pacific utilizes its marketing mix to achieve successful operation.
3.)You are the marketing manager of Cebu Pacific. You notice that your direct competitors are following your low price strategy. Discuss your counter strategies.
4.) You are the CEO of Cebu Pacific. What marketing strategies are you going to implement to sustain the increasing popularity of your company in the airline industry?
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