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The 1990's


Luin Larson

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of The 1990's

The 1990's
Kay Bailey Hutchison
Evangelicalism is an international Protestant movement maintaining that the essence of the gospel consists in the doctrine of salvation by faith in Christ's atonement. Texas is a mostly conservative state. 64.4% of Texas is evangelical protestant Christian. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has three major evangelical seminaries. An interesting fact is; most conservative protestant places have higher divorce rates than other places. Conservatism actually somewhat correlates with Evangelicalism.
Ann Richards
Ann Richards started her public political career in 1976 as the commissioner for Travis County, and in 1982 she was elected as the state treasurer. Then in 1988 Ann Richards was in the national spotlight for the keynote address in the National Democratic Convention. She received much attention for her quote, "Poor George, he can't help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth." In 1990 Ann ran for governor on the platform of a "New Texas". This platform promised that minorities and women would have more roles in state politics. She won the election, and while serving as governor was elected chairwomen of the National Democratic Convention. Her "New Texas" plan was successful in that she got many African-Americans and women into the Texas Rangers, and worked to help establish the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders.
Texas education issues, Robin Hood bill, TAKS test
Texas had issues with consequences in the 90's. With the increased crime rate, schools started disciplining children harshly. Students were fined more than $300 for a fight in the classroom. The Robin Hood Plan was a nick-name given to the plan that made properly-funded school districts sacrifice money to poorly-funded districts. It hurt school districts because the money was just spread around, no problems were solved. The TAKS test or Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills was first administered in the spring of 2003. The TAKS test was the standardized test for 3-11 graders and was replaced by the STAAR test in 2013.
George W. Bush
Bush won the 1994 Texas governorship, mostly because of the large movement of Texas Democrats, to Republicans. Ann Richards was originally expected to win this election. This effected Texas because he was the first in a chain of republican Texas governors, surrounded by Democrats. He started his "No child left behind" program during this governorship.
By Luin Larson, Thomas Veenstra and

Kay Bailey Hutchison first started her public political career by serving in the Texas House of Representatives from 1972-1976. She then was elected to the National Transportation Safety board from 1976-1978. Kay then ran for the U. S. House of Representatives, but failed. After a few years she ran for U. S. Senate and served from 1993-2013. Her platform consisted of a healthcare reform, improvement of the Texas economy, and a complete change in TxDOT and all it's procedures. Kay was the first woman to represent Texas in the U.S. senate and was a powerful speaqker that left a huge impact on the crowds she lectured to.
Diane Gonzales Bertrand & Selena Quintanilla
Diane Gonzales Bertrand is a Mexican-American author who has written many books. She was first a teacher, but she wanted to teach writing more exclusively. She went to graduate school, so she could become a writing teacher. Most of the books that she has written have been about Mexican-Americans. Selena Quintanilla was a Mexican-American songwriter who had numerous famous albums and hits. She was known as the "Queen of Tejano Music". On April 12, 1995, George W. Bush, who was the governor at the of Texas at the time, declared that April 16, Selena's birthday, "Selena Day". They were, and are, very influential Mexican-Americans that changed America.
The 1990's affect us in many ways. The religion of the people in the 90's will affect the religion of people now, and for generations to come. The choices that presidents Bill Clinton, and George H. W. Bush made will also affect our lives. The friends, enemies, wars, and treaties they made have made a path for America, and the world, to advance. Some important inventions or innovations from the 90's include the internet, the rise of Microsoft, and genetic engineering.
Technology of the 1990's
In 1990, the World Wide Web was created by Sir Tim Berners Lee. This was a great step forward for technology in general.
Google, originally called BackRub, was started in 1996 by two PhD scholars at Stanford University. By 1998, Google was incorporated. This has revolutionized the way we do many things today. Google has made many, many tasks much easier.
In 1995, the Java programming language was created. This made programming easier and more efficient in many ways.
Mexican Immigration to the U.S.
Mexican immigration boomed in the 1990's. Due to a high unemployment rate in Mexico, many mexicans were forced to immigrate or revolt. NAFTA, or the North American Free Trade Agreement, many Mexicans moved close to the border and on the border to set up their businesses. Although some of the immigration was caused by homelessness, or drug trafficking, most was just to search for work.
Image bibliography

In the 90s, millions of sports fans went all over the country to watch their favorite teams play. Sports brought the country together; it didn't matter what race, religion, or age, they could stand by each other and cheer for their team. Some prestigious athletes were Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice Andre Aggasi, and Ronaldo.
Luin-Relevance, George W. Bush, Texas education, evangelicalim, sports.

Tate Ward- Diane Gonzales Bertrand & Selena Quintanilla, Technology of the 1990's, and pictures
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