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Coniferous forest

By Dalton Fanter

Dalton Fanter

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Coniferous forest

Coniferous Forest By Dalton Fanter Location coniferous forests are located in the
northern regions of our planet such as
Nothern USA, Canada, Alaska,... Climate The climite is known for a short and cool growing season, and a harsh and unforgiving winter. The annual rain fall is
18in. In Iowa it's 31in.!!! There's a difference The annual temperature is 33F
That's early winter in Iowa!!! Geology The moisture level is fairly high
because it is cold there a lot and
there isn't that much evaporation The mineral soil is usually thin and
poorly drained. A lot of the land is
covered by peat and organic soils. Iowa coniferous thin mineral soil Animals Moose Living in the coniferous forest make living hard for moose. Their population can change just because the winter makes them have to find a different food sources, like an aquatic plant.
They are BIG though so they don't have to worry about anything but the wolfs to try to get them. They use their antlers to protect themselfs Fisher The fisher is a cat like creature that is usually nocturnal but it sometimes comes out from it's hiding to get something to eat. it is one of the few animals that feed on the porqupine. KILL!! He attackes him in the face, whish is the weakest place on the porqupine Gray Wolf The largest canid in the world. They usually live in packs, and hunt with them too. They hunt alone when trying to get small animals like squirrel, rabbit, etc. But when thay want to take down a deer they hunt in packs. KILL!! KILL!! HE GOT AWAY!! Northern Red-Backed Vole They does not hibernate. So they are out and about all winter. Making them easy prey for other animals. They survives the winter on all the food they saved up during the warmer weather the game What a fatty Thats a glove WOW
They are small!!! Plants (also known as taiga) Balsam Fir The most common tree in the coniferous forest. And there are a LOT of them. They are spaced close together to keep warm from all that snow. The tree's branches are curved up so they don't break under the weight of the snow They also have waxy needles so snow slides off Black Spruce
The Black Spruce is a VERY tall tree. It can get to be 82ft. high!!!! V
L People use the wood because the wood is layerd and very thick Birds like to eat the seeds for nutrients Douglas-Fir They are big, thick trees. They can get to be 60ft. tall and 25ft. wide. Because of this they are one of the best and most used woods in the world. It's named after David Douglas a Scottish botanist. And it isn't even a true fir!!!! Botanist: A biologest who studies plants
Native Americans used it for a number of reasons. Like using the needles for hooks, burning the wood for fuel. Thats one big tree Average tree Douglas-Fir tree Paper Birch They grow to be about 70ft. high They're light weight and very usefull. Indians used them for making canoues They usually grow in groups White Fir They are Siberian Spruce They are tall needle leaf trees that can get 100ft. tall. The slightly drooping branches make it look like a pyramid the pine cones are purple until they mature. Symbiotic relationship Gillian, Strong. "Biology 3201." Bishops College. Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. Slight , April 26, 2010. Web. 2 May 2010. <http://www.bishops.k12.nf.ca/>. If a tree needs to get the dead stuff off then lichen gets the food off the tree and the tree gets nutrients from the lichen lichen is a plant that grows on trees of bushes that feed off them Believe it or not lichens are not harmful to trees they eat the dead stuff and make there own moisture and sunlght "Are Lichen Harmful To Your Trees?." Savatree. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 May 2010. <http://www.savatree.com/are-lichen-harmful.html>. http://videos.howstuffworks.com/hsw/23526-biomes-of-the-world-coniferous-forest-video.htm Exciting Coniferous forest video Play this through the presentation you can stop the video now THE END and thank you "Education Video 4 - "Coniferous Forests"." Youtube. cheesein951, Oct. 26, 2008. Web. 2 May 2010. <http://ww w.youtube.com/w atch?v=uN2xXzzHBwY>. "best background music ( background instrumental music, background piano music ) ." Youtube. JazebooMusicChannel , may 17, 2009. Web. 2 May 2010. <http://www.youtube .com/watch?v=B4XHzJ8A JHM&feature=email>.
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