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environmentally friendly food

No description

Kane Hughes

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of environmentally friendly food

Organic foods
Design Brief
In this topic we are going to make a snack item which can be sold in supermarkets and our canteen. In the snack item it will have environmentally friendly ingredients . We are also going to be cooking with environmentally friendly ingredients .
locally sourced food
Environmentally Friendly Food

Mood Board
locally sourced food is when the food is made close by . Here is some locally sourced foods.
Organic food is food which is produced using environmentally and animal friendly.Here is some organic food images.
Seye's Fruit Salad Evaluation
Kane's fruit salad
WWW: I had a neatly presented fruit salad
and I completed it on time .

EBI: If i could of cut the all of the fruits independently

overall I think I did good .
Enrique's fruit salad evaluation
The second Tuesday our class made wonderful fruit salad. i used different fruits such as : Mango, Pineapple, watermelon, apple and pear.
On Tuesday 19th May our class made
our own fruit salads . In my fruit salad i had different ingredients like Apples,Oranges,Strawberry s,pineapples and plum.This is my evaluation
On Tuesday the 19th we made a delicious
fruit salad with the ingredients of Apple,Orange,pineapple,watermelon,

WWW: the colours blended well and the yellow of the pineapple

EBI: I need to cut the fruits into smaller shapes
WWW: I was able to cut the fruits properly and
the colours blended well together .
EBI: Next time I need to make my work neater.
special diets
Practice run for final piece
Practice run for final piece
Nutella biscuits :
WWW : I made it on time .
EBI : If i had all the equipment before starting cooking
and if I took the Nutella biscuits out earlier .
For my final piece i made Oreo cupcakes
Enrique's Practice run for final
In my practice run for my final piece i did all of the steps on time and it tasted delicious.

WWW: I completed it on time
EBI: i finished in correct time and presented it neatly
WWW: i was able to mix the flour, baking powder and the others quickly

Seye's final assessment piece
WWW: When i made my Oreo
cupcakes it turned out fine and i
finished in time
www: It tasted better than before and i did it quicker then the practice run
Kane's final piece
For my final piece continued with
the Oreo cupcakes
WWW: The Nutella biscuits
came out nice and
soft.Also they were cooked
in time .
EBI: if i could have cleaned up my worktop quicker and straight away .
EBI: if presented neater and took quicker
to make
for my final piece i made
chocolate crisp cakes.
Enrique's final piece
The End
Thank you for listening to our presentation on environmentally
friendly hope you enjoyed it .
Seye's diet table
Enriques diet table
Free range is when the animals that make the food can be let free to roam
around freely instead crampe in tight areas.
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