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Fundraising = Friendraising

Fundraising Theory and Application - Rome 2012

Marita Montes

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Fundraising = Friendraising

Sources People involved in the programs Companies you do business with Members of boards Donors Other Sources Professional communities who are served by the program Family foundations and Fundraising databases Corporations who designate part of their profit to invest back in the community Fundraising = Friendraising Seeking Cultivating People don’t give to causes:
they give to people with causes. a.Identify
b.Deepen Friendships
c.Build Confidence
d.Live the “giving circle”
e.Spend your time wisely Ask their
advice Invite them to
visit the program Ask them to help with something Identify Following year, ask them to raise their gift to the next level. Raise their
gift to
the next
level They give an initial gift Next year ask them to repeat the gift at the same amount Repeat the gift at the same amount Give
recognition appropriately Prove that you are worthy of their trust Report back to the donor with progress, goals, etc. Plan events to engage donors Acknowledge gifts promptly The top 5% of your potential donors will give 95% of your goal. (more on this later) Previous donors are the most likely to give again. Consistency in giving is
worth a great deal. Capital Campaign Fundraising cannot be only a reaction
to a crisis or a specific need fundraising program need to develop a Tip Give 95% of Donations 5% of Donors Wealth Avoiding the appearance of wealth a.Know how to explain our way of living poverty A solicitation is a business call
more than a social visit. b.Know your project budget and financing plan, and be able to explain it and ask questions. c.On fundraising visits, dress well, but modestly. Use professional/business attire. The donors need to know that you know what you are talking about Deepen
Friendship Strategic planning Fundraising Marketing Develop 5-year plan Develop Committee Structure Create Committee Leadership 1. Set campaign goal 2. Pyramid of gifts needed to get there 1.Develop Promotional Materials

2.Develop Single Message

3.Develop Broader Marketing Strategies

4.Consider e-mail/web marketing 1.Create initial “Friends” list

2.Put “Captains” of fundraising teams in place

3.Develop Database Reports and systems

4.Create individual strategies

5.Identify solicitations. Who will ask, and for how much.

6.Apply to grant making foundations (identifying any strategic relationships in place)

7.Begin with the top donors. Design and Construction
2.Banking relationships 3.Groundbreaking & Construction 1.Property acquisition FINANCING in the USA PRIORITIES POSSIBLE SOURCES Government USAID Private Foundations Public Charities Educational training in emerging economies, particularly for women Avoid:
health centers, dispensaries, women’s clinics, etc. Vocational training that leads to personal or familial economic sustainability Micro-financing for local business opportunities Corporate Private 1. Good resource for equipment/ installation materials
2. The local connection is the most efficacious; go through the office in your country
3. Deal with directors of the local office; ask them to endorse the funding proposal.
4. Best resources websites. 1. The best results come from knowing someone in the charity, who will sponsor your application
2. If they have an office in your country, application should be made to the local office
3. If they are US-based, the solicitation should be made to the US office
4. Best resources websites TOOLS needed to be up to date as FUNDRAISER Professional associations Good writing and communication skills Software program that lets you
keep track of contacts Good listening skills Knowledge of and belief in the
program/organization Printed materials PHOTOS, PHOTOS and testimonies Electronic; e-mail, social media, etc Phases Components & Structure Consultation Major Donor (or quiet) Phase 2nd Tier Phase All-Persons Phase
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