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Cotton Gin

No description

Jasper Thienes

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Cotton Gin

Inventor Facts
Eli Whitney
Cotton Gin
Cotton Gin
Life before the cotton gin
Slave Population
How the cotton gin works
The Cotton Gin was created to separate Cotton seeds from the cotton tufts, to make it take less time.

After the Cotton Gin was created and put into production, the slave population grew by millions and by the year 1860 had around 3,951,768 slaves in total.
You put the cotton with the seeds in the feeder and you spin the rotating handle. It takes the cotton threw this rotating teeth but the seeds are to big to fit the little spaces. After that the cotton goes to the condenser and it comes out seed free.
Before the cotton gin was invented, slaves had to pick the cotton seeds manually. Picking cotton seeds was very painful because they were so sharp they would leave cuts and cause you to bleed.
The Inventor
Eli Whitney was the genius creator of the cotton gin in 1973. He was also a scholar in the University of Yale. His cotton gin was very successful in the American South. Other than this creation, Whitney also had many other inventions. He died on the date of January 8,
The End
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