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Danielle D'Angelo

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Communication

Parent, Teacher, and Student
Communication strategies for beneficial learning without one limb of the triangle, we cant not stand.... We are a triad ... progress book
Eagle Talon
teacher conferences How do we communicate at CFLA? Address the teacher/parent directly if you have a conflict or major concern. Often times the child may interpret what we say differently than how we meant it. This could then be translated into something skewed.

We are the adults. They listen to what we say...
but do they really hear what we mean? Speak as though all 3 parties are in the room Avoid "triangular conversations" Student Student Parent Teacher How do we teach our children to be self-reliant? Cut the ropes. Besides your alarm clock, does someone remind you to go to work every day? Does someone remind you to eat daily? Does someone remind you to get dressed? If you didn't go to work daily, you'd get fired. If you didn't remember to eat daily, you'd starve. And if you didn't remember to clothe yourself, well, that's another story... but the point is, eventually you'd adapt and learn what you had to do in order to succeed or satisfy needs. Communication is the key to success!
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