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inhaled therapy

No description

hwang young nam

on 19 September 2011

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Transcript of inhaled therapy

ultrasonic type Inhaled medicine *aerosol therapy
delivery device young nam inhaled therapy in ICU aerosol therapy..
directly delivery drug to the internal lumen of the airway and onto the therapeutic site.
# adventages
-more rapid effect
-enhanced duration
-less systemic side effect particle size&
lung deposition
*5 to 10 microns -upper airway
*1 to 5 microns reach lower airway& alveoli mechanisms of deposition
-inertial impaction
-gravitational settling
-effect of temperature &humidity
- pattern of inhalation aerosol delivery device
-SVN &Nebulizer only 10~20% inhaled
-->T-piece needed or resolving tube breath inhance jet nebulizer
-->prevent loss of aerosol possible broncodilator
but should not be bedsonide(pulmicort)
--> tend to heart medication airway flow >40~60L/min particle size
1~6micron nebulizer use remmomendation
1.humidity-stop the heater humidifier
2. clear the air way
3.adjust MV setting-T/V 500ml & inspi flow rate 30~50
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