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BCT Term Project Final Draft: Group G18

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george barth

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of BCT Term Project Final Draft: Group G18

Cement vs GigaCrete
Cement in use
The harm that comes with using cement in construction.
Environmental Impacts
A substitute for concrete: Gigacrete
How its Assembled and Applied
By Group G18; George Barth, Patrick Meehan, Christian Grullon, Cristhian Baez
-One of the biggest problems in the construction phase is the use of cement in concrete.

-Concrete is a major component in construction, but using it leads to several environmental and health impacts.

-Common problems in using concrete during construction are discoloration, scaling, crazing, cracking and curling

-With all the physical problems concrete presents, there are far greater environmental and health impacts that need to be assessed in order to be a “green” society.
-The cement and concrete industries are the two leading factors of Carbon Dioxide emissions.
-This industry makes up 5% of the world wide man-made emissions that are evaporating into out atmosphere.
- “Surface Runoff” is another factor that contributes to the negative impact of cement. It occurs when water slides off of impermeable surfaces, like concrete, and causes flooding and also soil disintegration.
- Concrete and Cement contraction also leaves behind large amounts of dust and residue in residential atmospheres.

- Simply put, GigaCrete has the ability to act as a substantial substitute for concrete.
- By including patented structural steel, and large insulated panels the Gigahouse is able to be constructed in a matter of minutes.
- At this advantage, Gigacrete is able to construct a house in a period as short as a day, or even less.
-Gigarcrete stands by their product by insuring top grade wall insulation. “All walls are super insulated with higher R values starting at R-24 up to R-60.” (Gigacrete)
- In addition to this, all panels are layered in “PlasterMax abuse and fire/ water resistant interior coatings.”
Benefits of using “Gigacrete” materials
-Besides the fact that “All walls are super insulated with higher R values starting at R-24 up to R-60” (Gigacrete), “Gigacrete” offers numerous environmental benefits.

- On a legal standpoint, it “Meets IBC steel-framed construction standards, utilizing ICC approved steel studs and EPS foam.”

- This structure is produced to “withstand hurricane force winds and CA seismic zone 4”, and also is ideally suited for lower cost and affordable housing.

- With unlimited design opportunities, along with curved wall construction,
Gigacrete uses no wood, doesn't rot, mold or mildew, and is insect and fire resistant.

- In addition to all of these benefits, Gigacrete is also exceedingly easy to construct and can be forged by an unskilled laborer.

-GigaCrete’s process integrates environmental considerations into product and process engineering procedures, sometimes called design for the environment and is also LEED certified.

As the need for more sustainable, eco-freindly construction arises, “Gigacrete” provides an innovative look on how to improve the performance and strength of structures. By introducing high performance coatings and building systems, Gigacrete technology allows contractors and building owners to construct a super insulated, steel framed building system. Now, as environmental problems still surface, it is our job to initiate the use of new revolutionary “green” technology, such as “Gigacrete”, and change the face of sustainable construction.
The Next Step
- “Gigacrete products are manufactured without the use of of heavy aggregates-instead utilizing lightweight and recyclable filler materials. Gigacrete building materials have significant advantages over conventional materials, including those that utilize Portland Cement.”-Gigacrete
- Gigacrete is moving towards more eco-friendly construction methods, such as the Gigahouse, which is an ingenious way of building high grade, sustainable, homes faster and in a more energy efficient way.
- GigaCrete is revolutionizing the “green tech” construction field and introducing higher standards in manufacturing techniques and “performance green coating”
- GigaCrete is a innovative modern technology that uses “green” building materials to provide a high performance, sustainable structure.
What is GigaCrete Exactly?
-“The structure is considered a “Steel framed” building system with “Rigid Insulation”
- A steel track is placed as a foundation for a house. Soon after the panels are individually put up adjacent to one another, and fastened together by steel connectors.
- “GigaHouse is the Fastest to construct and Most Energy Efficient Home Today”.
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