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Viva 2 Presentation

No description

Michael Beasley

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Viva 2 Presentation

RealSnow Recap Introduction Significant Changes Four New Categories Testing of Realistic Snowfall Future Work for Realistic Snowfall Testing for Snow Accumulation Future Work for Snow Accumulation Testing for Deformation Further Work for Deformation Testing for Sintering Future Work for Sintering Goals that were Achieved Future Work Summary Thank you for Listening Three Main Categories:
Snow Accumulation
Sintering and Deformation
The Tool Approach Further enhancement of the tools
Goals and aims of tool have
remained Four New Categories:
Snow Accumulation
Greater focus on Sintering and Deformation Imitation of Flake Flutter effect and Snow Drift phenomenon
nParticles affected by Maya fields

nParticles passed through the object
nParticles did not imitate the effects Additional fields:
Different types of Snowfall Realistic look of snow
Reducing Computational dynamics

Camera based selection to select the faces that nParticles would emit from

Reduced look of snow through limited faces
Increase of nParticles needed Increase of faces on objects
Reduces number of nParticles needed Consideration of proxy models Consideration of the object and snow
nParticles set as Rigid Bodies, with an objectset as a Passive Collider

Object ignored the nParticles Softbodies and Spring Constraints
Object is made to collide with the Snow layer Continue testing of Softbodies and Spring Constraints

The effect different shape, size and face count on deformation Recreating the effect of adhesion of powder like solids

Particle expressions affecting attributes

Per-particle expressions
Inefficient process Two ideas created:

Manipulation of nParticle attributes to imitate the Sintering effect

Particle Goals on the objects that interact with the snow
Activation based on the vicinity of the snow layer Acquiring the correct method for creating the Sintering effect

The effect different size, shape and face count have on the Sintering effect Testing of Snowfall:
Significant changes made with the use of a uniform field

Testing of Snow Accumulation:
Camera based selection and the increase in faces on objects, improved the look of the snow
Focus on testing stage of Deformation and Sintering
Further testing on Snowfall and Snow Accumulation
Implementation of the categories together
Tool functionality - Dome above scene, snow shaders and UI design Uniform field helped to imitate the Flake Flutter and Snow Drift effects
Additional faces improve the look of snow
Softbodies and Spring Constraints used for a realistic start to deformation
New techniques acquired for the imitation of the Sintering effect Snowfall Snow Accumulation Sintering and Deformation Tool Approach
Emit nParticles from surface Apply Gravity to the nParticles Emit nParticles from an emitter Sintering and Deformation First Implementation Uniform field with added expressions Testing of Deformation:
Softbodies and Spring Constraints allowed for a start on the deformation category

Testing of Sintering:
Two potential ideas for the imitation of the Sintering effect
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