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Enhanced Climate Change

No description

Muhammad Osama Lodhi

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Enhanced Climate Change

Enhanced Climate Change

By: Osama L. Enhanced climate change is the accelerated and enhanced effect of the climate of a specific geographical region due to human interference. One main, and important example of enhanced climate change is global warming. Global warming is the increased effect of greenhouse gasses(ex: carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere absorbing more solar radiation than usual. This has caused the Earth to warm up at an unprecedented rate in the past decade. Humans have done many things to cause and increase the effect of global warming. We have burned fossil fuels to an immeasurable extent resulting in enormous amounts of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere thus accelerating the process of global warming. Furthermore, irresponsible logging methods such as clear cutting have significantly reduced the number of trees that can take in carbon dioxide and slow down global warming. The Consequences...
Due to our actions global temperatures have been slowly rising, ocean levels have also risen as larger portions of the polar ice caps melt annually. This will slowly lead to the flooding of coastal areas around the world. Furthermore this disturbs the habitat of a variety of species and governments from around the world must spend a considerable amount of money to help restore habitats and reverse the effects of global warming. What is...

Enhanced Climate Change? OK, so this is kind of bad... kind of...
although there are many cons of global warming, economically some types of industries are really profiting. for example the agriculture industry in canada, with global temepratures rising, there is more oppurtunnity to grow more Well, consequences are not always bad...
although there are many negative factors
of global warming there are numerous advantages... Food & Agriculture...
Growing seasons in temperate ares such as Canada and Russia will be longer which will increase food production by a significant amount.
Most trees will thrive in this type of environment because they have access to a large amount of carbon dioxide and thus hinder the effect of global warming.
Also animal breeding facilities will have more demand since many food resources such as fish will be depleted due to the change in global climate. Jobs... Jobs...
Many jobs have been created in response to global warming. these jobs center around studying global warming to finding new ways to counter react the effects of global warming to profiting from global warming.
These fields include:
Eco Tourism
Environmental Sciences
Renewable Energy
Hybrid Automation
Forestry Now , don't misunderstand, there are many other situations in where humans have accelerated a process and have usually made situations worse, but 'enhanced climate change' generally refers to global warming since global warming has been the largest change in climate ever recorded and there is a lot of evidence that has linked global warming to human activities. Other things to consider...
If global warming continues here is what will most likely happen in Canada:
Residents will not have to pay taxes for winter services due to the lack of cold weather
As a result of a lack of cold weather most people will receive a very small heating bill in 'winter'.
Drivers will be unarguably safer since they do not have to navigate through the streets on slippery conditions
There will be less worrying about putting on layers and layers of clothing since we will probably not have to contend with temperatures below 0°C Global warming has made many species endangered and many more prone to extinction. Some of these species are:
Polar Bears (polar ice caps melting)
Penguins (polar ice caps melting)
Walrus (polar ice caps melting)
Salmon (change in water temperature)
Beluga Whale (interference of ships due to melting of ice caps)
Koala Bears (their main source of food, eucalyptus trees are effected by the increased amount of carbon dioxide content which reduces their nutritional value) In addition diseases will be transmitted very quickly from person to person since global warming creates a very friendly habitat that encourages the growth of organism that transmit disease. Also since there are more transmitting organisms there is also a very likely chance of being bitten. Moreover in the future, areas such as Mexico where there is a very dense population the likelihood of getting infected will very high. So is global warming good or bad?
Well it is pretty obvious that no matter how pleasing the advantages are, there is too great of a negative impact to just let global warming run its course.
Then you might ask...
What are we doing about this?
Well... Surprisingly, we're actually doing something!
Governments around the world have recognized the future impact of global warming and have decided that they must intervene. Governments have started implementing programs that cut back on greenhouse emissions. One of the most notable trends is renewable energy. Hydro electricity, wind energy, and solar energy are the most well known ways to reduce emissions. Furthermore to show a unified stand against global warming and to decrease emissions the Kyoto protocol was created. Delegates of numerous countries flocked to Japan to sign this international treaty. The main aspect of the Kyoto protocol was to have each country to reduce their emissions by %5 by 2012. Although this goal was not reached there was still some improvement in controlling the emissions created by countries. And lastly...
Governments around the world decided to teach the younger generation about climate change and how we play an important role. The hope is that by having knowledge about global warming, studying it and maybe even doing a presentation like this will influence the next generation to be more environmental conscious. So! Will Canada and the rest of the world have summer all year long or will everything return to normal and 'enhanced climate change' will just be a term no one will ever use? And the answer is...
Who knows!
Scientist have a pretty good idea what might happen, but no credible proof has arisen which might signify a certain future. So whatever happens, you knew about it! This little prezi has just given you a very brief description about enhanced climate change
(basically, global warming).

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