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JFK Assassination

No description

Michael Schmidt

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of JFK Assassination

JFK Assassination Nov. 22nd 1963 This the point of view of the second bullet if Kennedy were to be shot by one shooter This is what the first bullet would
have to of done, an impossible path Due to unlikely movements by the people in the video,
it is plausible it could have been tampered with.
Jacqueline Kennedy's reaction to the shot is far
more immediate than the normal human, thus showing
likelyhood of the video being sped up and tampered with.
Lee Harvey Oswald's reasoning Psychologically, Oswald did things to get attention,
and was socially a loner/outsider.
He was trying to seek approval from Havana, Cuba
and Fidel Castro. He had originally planned to
assassinate Dallasite General Walker, a critic of Castro. Kennedy had also humiliated Castro in the
Cuban Missile Crisis.

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