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hi of fo

Hans Ko

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of P1

„terra aut silvis horrida aut paludibis foeda“ Forest History in Germany- Part 1 Rhine Plain - Roman Empire Rhine Plain - Migration Period Rhine Plain - High Middle Ages Rhine Plain - "Wüstungs" Period Roman Empire Migration Age Middle Ages 16th- 18th Century Bibliography

Gerhard Mitscherlich: Zustand, Wachstum und Nutzung des Waldes im Wandel der Zeit; Freiburger Universitätsreden Heft 35

Kurt Mantel: Wald und Forst in der Geschichte: Ein Lehr- und Handbuch; M.&H. Schaper

Karl Hasel: Forstgeschichte: Ein Grundriß für Studium und Praxis; Pareys Studientexte 48

Hans-Jörg Küster: Geschichte des Waldes: von der Urzeit bis zur Gegenwart; C.H. Beck
Forest Clearance Periods

8th - 9th Century
12th - 13th Century Organisation of the medieval clearings:

corporate clearings
manorial clearings First efforts to preserve forests Late Middle Ages - "Wüstungsperiode"
Every fourth settlement had been abandoned (total: 40.000) Wood Pasture Aggroforesty
Haubergwirtschaft Woodland management systems Period of "Wüstungen"

"Wüstung" = abandonned settlements and farmland
(permanent or termporary) Germania Magna Germania Romana "Villae rusticae"
in south-west Germany Romans in
south-west Germany Germania magna Neophytes "Schneitelwirtschaft" Distribution of forests from the 16th to 18th Century:

Ratio of forests and fields hardly changed. Forest Legislation Last clearing period - 1800 Joseph von Hazzi Forest magistrates want to see,
“instead of rident meadows and vivid settlements nothing else but great dark forests. “ "If Germany and the rest of the North want to achieve more prosperity, they can do nothing else but transform their woodland and forests more and more into cultivated land" Aesculus hippcastanum Castanea sativa Juglans regia Settlement areas of the Germanic tribes Publius Cornelius Tacitus "Germania" Movements of the nations during the Migration Age
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