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Human Development in the 2030 Qatar Plan

I will discuss how human development will be taking place in Qatar in 2030 and how 2022 World Cup may affect this.

Hossam K.

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Human Development in the 2030 Qatar Plan

Human Delopment in Qatar 2030 Looking at how human devolpment is going to take place in Qatar,
and how 2022 World Cup is going to affect this. Three Main Focuses: 1 2 3 What developments / changes will have been made in your opinion by 2022 in your chosen section? Where Qatar will have got in relation to fullfilling their goals of 2030 in your chosen section. (Directly refrence the Qatar 2030 plan.) How do you think Qatar would have altered its Qatar 2030 plan to take into consideration the holding of the World Cup in 2022? Section 1: By 2022 increase in the
amount of
labrorers A lot of what is on the 2030 plan will need to be hassled and finished by 2022 increase and enhancment of
medical facilities, especially
for sports players new jobs, especially
in the management
of the world cup Section 2: Where are we? "There are speed limits to development" We have gone a long way to fullfilling the vision, but still have a long way to go Qatarization
jobs World Cup Needs management organization education planning cooperation Education to be increased
to suit numbers Educated Citizens
- to make up for gas- to help with planning- to produce active, working, productive humans Educationally:
Standard International Schools World Renowned
Universities Medically: Satisfactory class
facilities Facilities such as Ongoing medical
research - Medical Insurance by:
- Some companies/emplyers
- By governemnt for Qataris Section 3: "The 2022" Effect Workforce - good
amount, low skill
level Education for large numbers,
as well as
cultures Hassling some of the things, while discarding others meeting additional
standards which have
been set by FIFA Affordable, larger public
health system to
accomodate large numbers
as well as uncommon
diseases Substantial amounts of
SKILLED labor working in public
services public transportation
- more available (buses, etc.)
- bike lanes
- more affordable Thank You For Your Attention! Bibliography:
Qatar 2030 Plan
Fifa Official Website
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