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Private Peaceful Prezi

No description

Lolo Maxwell

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Private Peaceful Prezi

Main Character Quotes
Thomas Peaceful:

"I've never worn a collar and it's choking me." (page 7)
"My boots are strange and heavy on my feet. " (page 7)
"My heart is heavy too, because I dread what I am going to." (page 7)
"Big Joe doesn't have to go to school and I don't think that is fair at all." (page 8)
In the first chapter, Tommo is gloomy, or in other words sad. This is shown in the previous quotations.
Charlie Peaceful:
“ I will look after you” (page 10)
“Charlie always knows how it is.” (page 8)
In these quotations it is shown that Charlie loves and takes care of Tommo, when he needs it and when he is feeling down.
Molly Monks:

"Then she looks up at me at last and smiles." (page 13)
"I know I have a friend." (page 13)
These quotations show that Molly is kind and welcoming, even to new and smaller kids. She is Tommo's first friend, and helped him not feel as sad and lonely anymore.

By Michael Morpurgo
David, Nuno, Lauren
English Class
3/4 December 2013
In the book, Private Peaceful, in the first chapter, Tommo (main character) is shown wanting to remember his past.
His first memory is his first day of school. He doesn't want to go, though. We also hear about Tommo's older brothers; Charlie and Big Joe. Big Joe is carefree and worry less while Charlie is protective of Tommo.
Tommo looks to a dead crow, then remembers back to robins in a tree at his home, but crows kill the chicks, causing a hate for them.
At school, he meets molly; his new friend, who helped him when he could not tie his shoes, but she helped him, mainly, to not feel alone any more.
He then looks back to the death of his father, he feels guilty because he believes he caused his death by not moving when a tree was falling towards him, his father pushed him out of the way at the last second, but he sacrificed himself.

One of the literary devices used in the first chapter is alliteration. The alliteration in these examples are to create a tone or create a theme. "By a gaggle of giggling girls. (page 13)" this makes the reader slow down while reading, making them reflect on what has happend.
The author also uses alliteration by saying "scrawny skeletal stirrings." The author uses these phrases in the first chapter to speed the reader up to make them excited, tense, worried or happier.
"I open my eye and see a dead crow." pg.8
"He sways (...) catching the wind, even in death." pg.9
"Witnessed (...) the early-morning massacre." pg.10
"Their murderous deed." pg.10
"I found a (...) dead mouse." pg.14
"He is not breathing." pg.17
"I have killed my own father." pg.17

The author uses imagery. By saying "She has hair the same colour as Billy boy... chestnut brown and shining." Many do not go into that much detail to describe someone's hair. This helps the story come to life, and it helps to convey the message given.
"All I can think is that I have caused this." pg.17
"None of us has any (...) words to say, me least of all." pg.17
"If I had run, he would not now be lying dead in his coffin." pg.17
"I have a secret(...), I can never tell anyone." pg.17
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