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Benefits of electronics in school

No description

keegan king

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Benefits of electronics in school

Electronics in school can be very beneficial As you can see in a controlled environment the use of electronics would be incredibly beneficial to students in almost every imaginable way. Everyone knows about the common distraction of cell phones and other electronics in the classroom but not everyone knows how beneficial they can be. With a controlled environment there are endless possibilities to what technology can do. 1. First having so many textbooks that can easily be stored with technology is harmful and time consuming. Kids work better listening to music. Research has concluded that music especially Beethoven and other music like his can improve scores on tests. (http://piano-lesson-software-review.toptenreviews.com/classical-music-study-improves-sat-scores-for-teens.html)
Also students would be able to look up definitions and have easier reference to other books with new technology.
Students and teachers using electronics communicate better outside of school. In a recent research kids spend twice as much time in front of sometype of electronics than in school.(research by expert Vicky Rideout) 2. With electronics kids will not spend as much time flipping through boring textbooks as they do now, and in turn would enjoy themselves and devote themselves more to school. Jobs in the technology sector will increase 8 percent in the next 4 years. (Jobs for the future.org/jff.org)
Some jobs we have never heard of will be created because of new upcoming technology.
There are more than 100 technology certifications. What better way to prepare students than by having them use technology in school. 3. The new electronics are beneficial in a way that the students are learning how to use more technology in an age where it is rapidly growing. It is proven that carrying back packs with textbooks can physically hurt students. 55% of students carry more than the recommended amount (Airpacks.com)
The amount of time students spend running to and from their lockers to grab textbooks, folders, or binders is one of the many reasons there are so many tardies.
So many textbooks can be tough to carry around and can take up a surprising amount of space from being cramped in the car to needing to put more stuff in your back pack. All of these problems can be easily fixed by technology.
Electronics can store all the textbooks easily and are far smaller and more portable. As You can see electronics would help the pupils inside and outside of the classroom to stay more focused and have better communication. Experts have said that textbooks in school are far to hard to read for the kids reading them. Some because they are just to big and not understandable. (Washington Post) Lucy Calkins founding director of the reading and writing project at Columbia university teachers college said teachers want to get high school kids ready for college and middle school kids ready for high school so many times the reading material is far to hard. (Washington Post) Electronics would be an easy way to have multiple books depending on the student and make it more entertaining. We all know how much fun electronics can be. Electronics in a controlled classroom will benefit the students in many ways but as you can see will be a big help in learning the many different facets of their future careers. Objection- Electronics will only be a distraction in the classroom. This has an easy refutation because in a controlled environment where the students will not just be playing games on the electronics all the time the electronics would be far more of a benefit to the students by increasing efficiency than a distraction. Teachers would have to go through additional training to be able to teach the students about the electronics, plus the cost of everything. This is true but the teachers already spend a great deal of time and money picking out which textbook they like best and going to meetings until everyone agrees and then ordering these textbooks.
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