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Digital Presentation

Shanae Paulus

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of MASTER COPY

Digitally digital Hello! the path to Let's take a walk simple Advanced and CPM Impressions sov Click through click through rate Dsm DFP SEO SEm Keyword Nielsen Omniture now what... thank you! ad map Display Ads Rich Media selling online ads how we Sell Ads can buy General or Specific advertisers Targeting is a component, not a Strategy. targeting Behavioral Content geographic Demographic Dayparting case study Matching Products 4 Things 1 2 3 4 Develop a Determine
Online Goals Branding
Drive Traffic
Generate Leads Contact a Sales Planner or DSA (Digital solution architect) guidance
Managing Advertisers Expectations Advergames promotions Advergames and Promotions Admail Rates mobile Cost Per Thousand Cost of and ad for every 1,000 times the ad
is shown on a webpage. Number of times an ad is served or displayed. Selling a percentage of an ad position.
Ex: 100% of a Homepage cube, or 50% of a Leaderboard. When a site visitor clicks on a link or ad. Ratio of ad clicks to ad impressions Our online Ad ordering system. DART Sales Managers Our online ad-delivery system. DFP tracks impressions and click throughs. All of our display ads are delivered using DFP-Dart For Publishers. DART for Publishers. Unpaid/Organic Search, improves search rankings naturally by adding certain words/formats to your site so that search engines can find your site. Search Engine Optimization Unpaid/Organic Search, improves search rankings naturally by adding certain words/formats to your site so that search engines can find your site. Search Engine Optimization Paid/Sponsored Search, Buying Keywords. Search Engine Marketing Today's Goals: Educate Empower Build
Confidence why The WEB Matters Program Outline Digital Terms
Sales Process
Advergames & Promotions
Housekeeping The measurement tool we subscribe too that monitors our websites traffic.
(page views, unique visits, time spent, search engine referrals, etc.) Online measurement service that measures a sample of users whose computers are monitored. This is a very inexact measurement, but to agencies it's very important data. Specific word(s) entered into a search engine or website by the user that result in a list of websites or links related to the keyword. & Jeopardy! pencil Half Banner Leaderboard cube wide skyscraper Pencil Half Banner Leaderboard Cube Wide Video Sliding billboard Expandable Freeform first view interstitial Interstitial Peelback review Video Sliding Billboard our with Advertisers needs to think about impression based Fixed
Position sponsorship Share of voice site
structure cpm ecpm key
values http://extras.chicagotribune.com/mediakit/specs.htm#sizes Skyscraper http://tribuneinteractive.com/portfolio/ Expandable Freeform First View Interstitial Interstitial Peelback Advertisers' campaign that's right for your Advertiser Advertiser -are they realistic? The national average click-thru rate is about .04-.06% for display and .10-.20% for rich media. .04-.06% .10-.20% EVALUATE as part of your Overall media campaign Expect for agencies campaign metrics to collect their own in addition to ours. Activity Targeting Uses information collected on an individuals web-browsing behavior. Targeting Based on subject matter like Business, Sports, or Food sections. Targeting Based on the geolocation of a website visitor. Examples:Zip Code, City, State, DMA Targeting Based on demo of registered user. Examples: Gender, HH Income, Age Targeting Based on a certain time and/or day. How rates are set? Printable Rate Cards Activity Picking the right solution Creative and effective ads Successful Campaigns How do you measure success? Generate a response
Drive "click throughs" or CTR (Registers Intent) Attributes of successful creative Compelling
Succinct messaging
Effective call to action
Consumer benefit or payoff Non-effective Ads VS effective ads Set quarterly using Quantitative Qualitative & Based on the number of times an ad is served - CPM. 100% share of voice of a position. Price is a flat rate. A flat rate for a time period - premium rate- Examples: High school sports, Roadblocks, Takeovers A % of impressions in a specific ad position over a set time period. Example: 20% share of voice would rotate 5 different advertisers * Know how many impressions a certain SOV would yield Home Page Cost of an ad for every 1,000 times the ad is shown on a webpage. Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions. It is the total number of impressions divided by the total cost times 1000. Often times an agency will have an eCPM goal in mind that they will let the rep know about. Reps will for instance use a blend of placements to bring down the eCPM of a campaign which has higher priced placements in it. page views Viewing of all of the elements that comprise a single webpage. Graphics, text, etc. unique visitors Individual visitors who have been to a website within a given amount of time. Impressions Number of times an ad is served or displayed. reach The estimated number of individuals in the audience that is reached at least once during a specific period of time. quality of audience targetability The ability to reach a specific audience. Section Front Story Level happy 1 clients terms Example: 100,000 Impressions / 1,000 X $10 = $1,000 review Share of Voice *Typically sold with an impression goal or contracted number of impressions. http://www.tribuneinteractive.com/specs/ (Send this to clients!) 970X30 234X60 728X90 300X250 160X600 pre-roll *Internal use only! *Internal use only! Display
Rich Media
Promotions http://vree.tribune.com/wp-content/jeopardy/jeopardy.html 1 1 or TI sales rep team. a brief history of the internet http://www.mdmgames.com/demo/ANTMStLouis/ http://www.mdmgames.com/ABCOUC/ http://www.mdmgames.com/TW21CoCoKey/ prospect list hover hover ad
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