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No description

Shaun Lathrop

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Sculpture

Edgar Degas This is one of three Sculptures by Dega showing Spanish dancers. It was cast in plaster. One of the few pieces cast in something more durable than wax or clay. Famous Sculptors This is a resin sculpture. It is hand painted using matte and gloss colors. It is an adaptation to an oil painting of a young ballerina dancer waiting for her dancing results. July 19, 1834 - September 27, 1917 Constantin Brancusi February 19, 1876 - March 16, 1957 This is a marble Sculpture called Bird in Space. He wanted to capture the "essence of flight." So he focused on movement not the physical attributes of a bird. A Bronze casting of Prometheus. The sculpture only has slight suggestions of a nose and mouth and slight indentations for eyes. The rest is completely smooth. Pablo Picasso October 25, 1881 - April 8, 1973 Pablo Picasso started his sculptures using fired clay instead of soft clay to allow more experimentation.Picasso rearranged old vases to make women and animals, made plates into paintings, and created heads out of pots. He wasn't limited to clay either he even used a bike seat to make a bull's head. Jean Arp September 16, 1886 - June 7, 1966 Arp started off with paper cutouts and then wood reliefs and string attached to canvas. He then changed his personal style to organic morphology. His shapes were geometrical in shape and many considered them abstract although he called them concrete. Louise Bourgeois December 25, 1911 - May 31, 2010 Though her works are abstract, they are suggestive of the human figure. Also mythological and archetypal imagery figures heavily into Bourgeois' artwork. She often uses soft materials and fabrics alongside hard metals or woods. She has made works out of carved alabaster, cast bronze, pillow forms, dolls, wood, and more. Claes Oldenburg January 28, 1929 - Present His sculptures are giant replicas of everyday objects. He builds the sculptures reflecting on the surroundings but using his imagination. He works with his wife and has completed 40 large scale projects. Michelangelo March 6, 1475 - February 18, 1564 Michelangelo studied the human body very in depth. He then based his sculptures off of his studies of human anatomy. He believed there was a sculpture in every piece of stone and he had to carve it out. Barbara Hepworth January 10, 1903 - May 20, 1975 Hepworth was a modernistic english sculptor. She started off with wood, but later made larger ones from bronze. She made abstract art that had strong overtones from neolithic style. Andy Goldsworthy July 26, 1956 - Present He produces site-specific sculpture and land art. He works with natural objects and doesn't change them from they way he found them. He is considered the founding father of modern rock balancing. Christo June 13, 1935 - Present Christo is an environmental sculptor known for his controversial outdoor sculptures. His earliest sculptures were composed of cans and bottles, some as found and some painted or wrapped in paper, plastic, or fabric. His works force observers to confront questions regarding the nature of art.
My Favorite I liked Andy Goldsworthy's natural sculptures. I liked the fact that he took pieces from nature did not alter them in any way but arranged them to become works of art.
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