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Newton's 2ND law of motion lab report

No description

Candy King

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Newton's 2ND law of motion lab report

Newton's 2ND law of motion lab report
1.) First, we stacked the four textbooks, put the ramp on it and put the meter stick at the end of the ramp.
By Allison Snowball
Newton's second law of motion is the only law that is a math formula.
(force= mass x acceleration
2ND law definition
The supplies we needed were our recycled car, a calculator, stopwatch, meter stick, 1 meter ramp, 4 textbooks, and 2 weights.
My hypothesis was that if the car has a heavier mass then it will take more force to travel 2 meters.
We tested Newton's second law by making recycled cars and testing them with three different weights and recording the time it took them to travel two meters.
The Independent Variable was mass added to the car.
The Dependent Variables were the force it took to move the car with the different masses.
The Constant Variables were distance traveled, height of the ramp, and the car used.
2.) Next, we put the car at the top of the ramp and added the 100 gram weight.
3.) Then we released the car and started the stop watch.
4.) Once the front end of car passed the end of the meter stick we stopped the stopwatch.
5.) We recorded the data and repeated steps 2-4.
Once we finished testing with the 100 grams we tested again 3 times with 200 grams and then 3 times with 300 grams and recorded the data.
In this lab we tested Newton's second law of motion by setting 3 different masses in our cars, testing them and recording their time and then calculating force. My results showed that the more mass, the more force required to move the car. Thus proving my hypothesis correct. I believe that the results are accurate because each time more mass was added to the car the more force it took and every time the data was recorded it was consistent. If i was to further investigate this problem, next time I would add to the variety of weighs being used.
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