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Communication skills

No description

elena gonzalez

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Communication skills

Communication skills
Presentation Skills
The thought of giving a presentation or talk to a group of people can be very alarming to the novice; even hardened professionals can feel nervous. Good planning and practise, however, can help to alleviate these fears and enable you to present information clearly and effectively. We provide a step-by-step guide to help you through the process of giving an effective presentation.
Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills.
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills are the skills we use when engaged in
communication with one or more other
Good interpersonal communication skills enable us to work more effectively in groups and teams
Non-verbal Communication
Personal Presentation
Personal Appearance
Active Listening vs Ineffective

Communication skills are ranked
among a job candidate’s 'must have' skills and qualities
Writing Skills
Communication skills are not limited to direct interaction with other people and the spoken word.
The Importance of Structure
Formal and Informal Writing Styles
The ability to be able to write clearly and effectively is key to communication, this set of skills should not be limited to journalists or professional authors. Poor written communication can be frustrating for the reader and potentially damaging for the author – would you buy a product from a website peppered with spelling mistakes?
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