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Copy of GE case presentation

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Josh Webster

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of GE case presentation

Future Outlook Agenda Ecomagination: Driving Sustainable Growth Overview of the case Leadership changes and initiatives Ecomagination includes major product developments and publicity milestones. GE imagination at work Presented by:
Sandy Lu Angela Zhang Helen Xian David Markus Overview of the case
Successful Partnerships
Ecomagination and GE's Business Model
Positioning strategy
Ethical Reform
Future Outlook GE's use of partnerships GE (General Electric Company) was established. 1892 1991
-1996 GE was involved in the PCB pollution in the US. GE was fined several times by US EPA and NRC for violating regulations. 1980 Sustainability has become critical for business success.

In 2001, Jeffrey R. Immelt became the Chairman and CEO of GE. He started to focus more on addressing environmental challenges.

GE launched several global initiatives in order to make the company more socially responsible. 2000s May, 2009 GE launched a CSR initiative called Ecomagination.

Ecomagination addresses challenges such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, cleaner and efficient sources of energy, and new sources of clean water. 2009 Overview of the case .....con't + = Customer
Value Environmental
Performance Ecomagination Examples of strong partnerships Keys to successful partnerships Setting clear focus and stated goals; building of a strong commitment

Effective communication

Involving multiple stakeholders for input, expertise, and thought leadership

Flexibility to adapt to changing conditions

Respect amongst partners Benefits from partnerships Drive corporate initiatives and lead to innovations

Create jobs and expand the markets

Governments: Help to access to countries or regions
Non-profit/NGOs: Bring credibility with local communities
Companies: Help to access to their capabilities; use resources effectively and efficiently

Transform the way innovations done internally

Achieve sustainable growth Ecomagination and GE's business model distinctive competencies > business model > differentiation and/or lowering cost structure

distinctive competencies are built from:

GE focus on innovation so competitive advantage = differentiation

Ecomagination utilizes the same business model only they are putting "environmentally-friendly" in mind
- Improved customer competitiveness
- Lower operating costs - Lower emissions
- Higher efficiency -34 new ecomagination products and solutions qualified in 2011 Biogas Differentiate Increased regulations More scarcity Higher energy costs GE in China GE and Air India The 'old' GE
and the Friedman
Doctrine The 'new' GE and
the Utilitarian Perspective Ethics Competitive Positioning Aligning Ecomagination with GE's Business Model Ecomagination and Building Blocks of its Competitive Advantage Efficiency



Customer Responsiveness

End results:
US$5 billion in revenue in 2009
expected double the rate of total company revenue by 2015
Quality Assurance and Ecomagination Product Review EPR is a rigorous review and qualification procedure employed by GE in selecting which products are to be included in the Ecomagination portfolio

Product factors considered:
energy consumption
GHG emissions
water usage
financial benefits

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