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Illegal Immigration Policy Project

2nd Hour Government class. Partnered with Julia. Due Dec 18.

Andra Roventa

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Illegal Immigration Policy Project

Illegal Immigration Andra and Julia Roventa's Public Policy Presentation 2nd Hour Government How did Illegal Immigration come to be here? ~The 1800s: Federal law places a limit on the flow of immigrants coming to the country
~Quota on immigrants over seas, however, Mexican immigrants weren't under this law, so it was easier to enter the US
~During WW2, the amount of illegal immigrants increased due to shortage of labor
~As legal immigration rose, so did illegal immigration So what is the definition of being an illegal immigrant? What does it mean to immigrate illegally? Illegal Immigrant [Formally]: An alien (non citizen) who has entered the US without government permission or stayed beyond the termination date of a visa. "The New York Times Editorial of November 18th on Immigration Reform Is a Disgrace" Written by Ed Koch, former Mayor of NYC
Published on the Huffingtonpost.com The Democrat View Naturally embrace country's diversity, represent the common 'middle' man
Support immigration reform, and favor amnesty and eventual legalization of illegal immigrants
Not strict on border controls
Push for social programs to be available for illegals, as well as funding
Illegal reform immediately, and all at once President Obama's View Seeking to legalize 11 million illegal immigrants
Increase border patrol, penalties for employers hiring illegals, foreign workers able to have visas
Prefers to win Latino support for the Democratic party The DREAM Act Supported by Democrats
Allows children of illegal immigrants, who were brought to the country without their consent, to go to college and be granted citizenship The Republican View Tighter immigration control, including stronger border patrols and security
More inclined to deportation
Stronger law enforcement on caught illegals
Illegal immigrants drain the economy and strain the US citizen's money
Oppose amnesty
Immigration reform should be done 'piece by piece' National Council of La Raza Hispanic Civil Rights Interest Group and Advocacy Organization in the US
Support immigration rights and pathways toward illegal immigration amnesty / DREAM Act
Increased federal lobbying for illegal immigrants Why is Illegal Immigration an Issue? The Public Policy More secure borders and border police to patrol both sides; both Mexico and Canada, therefore, keeping citizens that live near borders safer. Total Number of Apprehensions (How many illegals got caught) Between 2005-2010: 4,898,119 Total Number of Illegals Eluding Capture: 33,520,099 Public Policy Continued Stricter immigration laws / enforcing the existing laws that apply to any foreign person wanting to move into the US. 56% of Illegals come from Mexico
22% from Latin America
13% from Asia
6% from Canada and Europe
3% from Africa Public Policy Continued Legalization of illegal immigrants
(Citizenship, Visa, Green Card or Work Permit)
"What should be the priority for dealing with illegal immigration in the U.S.: one, better border security and stronger enforcement of our immigration laws; OR, two, creating a way for illegal immigrants already here to become citizens if they meet certain requirements; OR, should BOTH be given equal priority?"
2% US Statistics VIA Pollingreport.com June 2012 Public Policy Continued Stricter surveillance on employers so that they hire US citizens and don't exploit illegals, giving everyone more benefits and fair wages. Public Policy Continued Background checks on illegal immigrants who look for legalization . Surprisingly, 25% of federal prison populations are made up of illegal immigrants.
- usillegalaliens.com NO AMNESTY. The DREAM Act Within the Proposal Supported for illegal immigrant children and anchor babies who wish to be legalized and have merit . New Immigration Reforms begin in 2013: Federal Government will secure more borders
Accountability for employers
Create legal immigration system
Consequences for illegal immigrants
DREAM Act Obama Administration has stopped earlier deportation actions. Changing the American Mindset on Immigrants IMMIGRATION IS OKAY. Legalization is Encouraged! Support the Proposed Policy! Every 'undocumented' worker is supported from your wallet. You PAY for their illegality. 1 in 4 immigrants are here illegally. If we don't stop the flow of illegals, it will continue to grow. Legalize NOW. Conclusion: Sources Used: http://endillegalimmigration.com/

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