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Internet english Presentation

No description

Leo M

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Internet english Presentation

size of the internet =
5 Million terabyts
Fun Facts!
has the largest index -> only scanned
of the total web
637 000 000 websites ->
250 000 000 blogs
2,4 Billion internet users worldwide
1,2 Billion internet users have an
250 000 000 e-mails per day
51 % Spam
80% of the Americans are online
65% watch TV and surf the web at the same time
Social Media
Tumblr / Blogs

Googles rewind on the most searches
-blogging plaform
-defined by short messaging (limitation to 140 signs)
-invention of the hashtag
online since 27th, September 1998
biggest search engine with over
1 Billion
websites in it's index
-very important source of information about trending topics
,,googol'' -> Google, misspelling at registration
also name for 100^100
How much is Google worth ?
289 Billion $

Apple: 456 Billion $
Microsoft: 264 Billion $
one stock:
850 €
started at
85 €
-biggest social network worldwide
-defined by yearbook-like pages
-facebook records the life (more or less)
-it lets people stay in contact
(as well as it connects companies and customers)
Vint Cerf
Bob Kahn
Robert Cailliau
Tim Berners-Lee
-especially famous for reblogging blog entrys from followed blogs
-posting of Texts, Pictures, Audio files, Videos and other links in Blogs
-invented in 2007, bought by Yahoo 2013
The first Internet-Browser ,suitable for the masses, "Mosaic" is ready to be downloaded free of charge.

The US Airforce commissions the DARPA and a group of researchers to find a way to quickly share data.
The "Arpanet" is ready to be used by selected American Universities that conduct research in the interest of national security.
Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn release an network protocol which is more effective than the one implemented in the "Arpanet".
Vint Cerf's and Bob Kahn's "Internet" has become common term, it is still only used by selected facilities. The "Arpanet" is completely replaced.
Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau invent the WorldWideWeb, Berners-Lee makes it available globally in 1991.
"Brodcast yourself"
kind-of-social-network, defined by video channels
offer of all new possibilities to get famous
real time update of subscribed feeds of podcasts, blogs, websides, etc.
can be recieved by news-reader
Have you gotten more suspicious and carefull concerning the use of social media because of the latest NSA issues?
Have you ever thought about deleting your social media accounts?
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