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Class Shirt

No description

Harvey Cu

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of Class Shirt

7C's CLASS SHIRT DESIGN Harvey's designs Pier's designs real version experimental versions COMMENTS: COMMENTS: THE DECISION: Notes: 1. The design MUST be given to Pua on Monday. 2. Brian has the inferior, pirated Photoshop, while Harvey has GIMP. OH HAI DER the font: Birth of a Hero the font: Trebuchet MS Bold 2. It's damn hard to find a good font. 1. The design will be on a plain white shirt. Notes: MR. AUDE WILL MAKE THE (final, unquestionable) DECISION ON WHICH DESIGN TO USE. back design
(Guarantee use, probably.
Harvey doesn't have his own
back design.) Notice, comic relief: kayz. "Ok. We need to change a lot of things in both designs, mainly Harvey's since more people like it including me.


Color Schemes still suck. Yellow isn't a good color on white. Seriously. The blue color would be better if it was darker.

2nd. Fonts.

Change the fonts more. Especially the blue words. Make them different fonts so they'll look cooler and wilder. You can download a lot of cool fonts of the Internet.

3rd. The words need to be wilder.

Aside from diff. fonts, you should make the words/ events a bit wilder, because it's our shirt anyway. Look at 7B's shirt. They have like "YSA" shown 3 times. I think we should have words like... "obliged", "demerit" or "hail hitler!" or at least cooler quotes and words that can evoke funny memories. The adjectives could be lessened too.

4th. Placement of words

You shouldn't put all the adjectives there or all the teachers names at the bottom. Mix them around. It would also be cool if some words were tilted around. Like 45 degrees to the right or left.

I'm talking about harvey's design here..."---Brian Tan "The back should be brian's design. It looks great already. Just put the 7C st. Irenaeus at the top. More emphasis. Don't put it near the middle either. Put things in either the top or bottom. If it's in the middle, when you wear it, that's where the shirt will fold, and there would be a shadow on it from your upper body, so it wouldn't be seen clearly." ---Brian Tan darker blue/yellow different fonts quotes THE CAKE IS A LIE. 3. If you front design
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