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Prezi Over Powerpoint - McCluer North PD 4/26/2013

No description

Chuck Baker

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Over Powerpoint - McCluer North PD 4/26/2013

You can quickly insert...
Symbols (clip art)
Diagrams (templates within a template)
YouTube Videos
Any File
Any old PowerPoint So What's the Point? MULTIMEDIA! What's Wrong With What We're Doing? Maybe...nothing. Maybe...a lot? "When Can I Use This?" Notes for content to be referenced repeatedly
Notes that have a certain path
Visually appealing writing/discussion prompts

Math - Have a word problem at each frame, hide the answer small next to the prompt. Embed a video tutorial alongside for scaffolding
Language - Conjugation (see my diagram). Vocab with images. "When Could My Students Use This?" When do your students make presentations?
When do your students organize information?

For learning:
Gathering information on a topic - each frame contains notes/videos found
Concept map on steroids

For assessment:
"Here's what a I learned, how it relates to prior..." Learning More The rest of the session will be differentiated for you... For Teachers and Students Advanced Ninja Presenting What ways do YOU use PowerPoint?
What ways do your students use PowerPoint?
Is there anything you wish you or your students were doing that you do not currently? (For time, technology, or skill reasons) Enter your responses on the board at todaysmeet.com/mnprezi Conjugating verbs "I" "You" "We" "They"
http://www.smarterbalanced.org/sample-items-and-performance-tasks/ Sample Items
Smarter Balanced Website hablo hablar hablas hablamos hablan Prezi has a ton of resources on the "Learn" tab of the homepage What will you create? Ideas to Get Started 3 common misconceptions students have about a topic
Steps to a process your students commonly perform
Instructions for a project/assignment
Converting a PowerPoint you currently use to a Prezi and enhancing with new inserted multimedia
Collaborate with your PLC Chuck's Examples: bit.ly/cbsolutionsquiz2
solutions to a quiz
notes for a lesson from our textbook
video tutorials and general Prezi concepts for students (created for American Studies)
this presentation If you get stuck, put a question on the board at todaysmeet/mnprezi Collaborative Prezi
bit.ly/collaborateprezi OBJECTIVES:
Participants will identify 3 _______________ to using _______ over PowerPoint
Participants will reflect on current presentation practice and how Prezi could fit into or expand current practice
Participants will create or import a Prezi and include enhanced elements of ___________, _________, __________, _________, _____________, and/or _________
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