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Copy of Copy of Journey Template

No description

Kunal Khatri

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Journey Template

A look in to the future Kunal Khatri's Journey What?
Extensive exposure to public, private and regulated industry.
Continued exposure to complex and challenging programmes/projects
Managing teams

Maintaining exponential career development
Adding increased value and experience to assignments
Maintaining passion and interest

Working closely with key Atkins individuals to keep abreast of opportunities
Develop relationships with stakeholders in clients
Taking on line management responsibilities
Making sure I deliver to high standards. Getting the right experience Making sure I'm equipped Developing selling skills... What
Expert in Operating Models and Organisational Design
Competent project management abilities

Building strong reputation within Atkins and the industry
Contribute and develop thought leadership
Contribute to bids and sales
Enhancing personal credibility

Undertaking advanced degree qualifications
Considering CIPD qualifications
Membership to Certified Management Consultancy What?
•Making significant contributions to bids
Helping increase the size of team on projects

• Helping contribute directly to Atkins performance

Having the right experience and understanding of clients/industry
Having deep technical knowledge
Aligning myself to key individuals in the business. Vision: 3 years to be MC's leading candidate in selling and delivering Operating Models and Organisaional Design for public, private and regulated clients at a Principal Consultant Level. GIS PM for IT Divestment of Atkins Asset Management

Managed team of approx 25
technical resources Key resource in Universal Credits Turn Around Project, supporting development of Blueprint and Transition Plan Business Analyst understanding and designing business processes for the new CPO Range of projects including organisational design, development, communications and programme design
Developed strong relationships with key stakeholder in the client
Developed a strong reputation that created opportunities in JERT Stakeholders People Technical Selling The End Game Building solid relationships and influencing senior stakeholders as a 'trusted adviser' Extensive experience and ability in managing people Expert knowledge and understanding in the Operating Model and Organisational Design space Actively involved in bids and leveraging relationships with clients to sell Stakeholders People Technical Selling Built good relationships within Atkins.

Able to steer and influence client Experience managing team to focus on delivery.

Strong set of technical skills across all service lines, focused on delivery Has used personal reputation to identify opportunities Existing
Qualities Collaborative
Delivery Focused
Interpersonal Future
Qualities Connected
Forward Focused
Expert Current Brand
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