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Justin Bieber <3

Photos and videos of the hottest guy alive!!!!! hope you like!!!

kayla neadermann

on 16 April 2011

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Transcript of Justin Bieber <3

Justin Bieber!!! March 1, 1994 12:56 A.M. is when Justin Bieber was born! Fast Facts!! Justin has a half sister
named Jazmyn aka Jazzy!! Justin has a dog named Sammy!!! His favorite candy is sour patch kids! His favorite baseball team is the Yankees! Justin Bieber has a tattoo on
his lower left side of a bird!! Justin started singing at the age of
10 he is now 17!! Justin playing the gitar at age 12!! Justin and some of his Ex girlfriends! Selena Gomez Caitlin Beadles Miley cyrus Selena is using for fame!! Justin thanks for watching!! :)
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