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Between Heaven and Earth By Eric Walters

No description

Krish Gandhi

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Between Heaven and Earth By Eric Walters

By: Brittni Franken
Between Heaven and Earth
Between Heaven and Earth
Favorite Part
My Favorite Character
By: Eric Walters
Genre: Adventure/ Realistic Fiction
DJ is the oldest grandson of David Mclean and has the tough task of spreading his grandfathers ashes on the top of Kilimanjaro. He goes into it thinking it will be quick and easy, but finds out the hard way that it will not. On this climb he is accompanied by an old lady and the first ever female porter. It's a tough climb, and they are forced to go polepole, or slowly. This climb will end up teaching him a bigger life lesson than he ever imagined.
My favorite part was when DJ, and his new friends finally reached the top of the Mountain. There was a feeling of joy and pride that made you feel like you were there too. The only thing was he had to spread his grandfather's ashes after which made it kind of sad. It was just a really exciting point in the book.
My favorite character is DJ. DJ is just an all around type person who everyone likes. He is mature and handles tough situations well. Take his grandfather's death for an example. Sure, he misses him, but he focuses on the good memories to keep his grandfather's spirit alive. He is also very intelligent and friendly to everyone.
Overcoming tough situations
Reaching goals
Book Recommondation
If you enjoy adventure books
Books about friendship and teamwork
The rest of The Seven Series
If you like a longer series
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