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ch 40 stirfry, casseroles

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allison armand

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of ch 40 stirfry, casseroles

Chapter 40
Stir-Fries & Casseroles

Key to a good stir-fry are preparation and organization because all ingredients need special treatment
review recipe several times before beginning
cook grain
cut the the ingredients
mix the sauce
arrange all ingredients in the order in which they go in the pan
prepare vegetables
cut them all a similar size for even cooking
keep vegetables separate as some need to cook longer than others
prepare protein
if using raw meat, cut across the grain
into thin strips
it is easier to cut raw meat if it is slightly frozen
to protect against drying, marinate before cooking
if using cooked protein, add last
Preparing Stir-fries
Mix the sauce
sauce brings all the flavors together
mix with cornstarch to thicken
Arranging the ingredients
When cooking ingredients tht need different cooking times, chefs use a practice called mise en place
French term that means put in place
Ingredients should be easy to reach and
arranged in this order:
seasoning(ginger and garlic)
ground seasoning added later
raw meat
sturdy vegetables like carrots and broccoli
tender veggies like spinach and cabbage
cooked meats
Cooking stir-fry
What makes a casserole?
Main casserole ingredients
Stir fries and casseroles
The word casserole is French for baking dish
good way to use leftovers
baked in oven for 1 hour or more
preparation is key for success
can be many ingredients
main ingredient provides dominant flavor
may include meat or poultry that is usually browned before cooking
main ingredient can also be vegetables, grains or legumes
any cooked canned or fresh, or frozen
veggie can go into a casserole
thicken the casserole by absorbing liquids
add flavor and nutrients
dry beans, bread, potatoes, cooked grains
liquid that helps hold mixture together
milk, cream soup, pasta sauce, eggs
can use most anything
add flavor, color and texture
keep mixture from drying out
croutons, cracker crumbs, bread crumbs, cheese
au gratin: topped with buttered bread crumbs and cheese
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