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Why you should live in Chicago

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on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Why you should live in Chicago

Why you should live in Chicago?
By: Zohaib Khan

There are about 19 famous Museums in Chicago.

Table Of Contents
Express ways in Chicago have the busiest maintained routs in the whole Illinois.
Environmental Quality/Poverty level
Public Schools
Environmental Quality /Poverty level
Public Schools
These are the top 3 in Chicago
Field Museum of Natural History
Museum of Science and Industry
Art Institute of Chicago
Also the Transit systems are the most used passenger rail network.
O Hare Airport is the 4th busiest airport in the world.Every 30 seconds a plane will land or take off.
People in Chicago are protesting for more environmental friendly jobs.
The poverty level is at a staggering 15%.
Also the median for a house hold income is around $59,261.
The area of Chicago is 234 square miles.
The average temp is 75.8*F
The population is 2.715 million people.
There are over 600 public elementary and high schools city wide.
Around 400,000 students enroll to high schools and collages in Chicago.
The schools test scores are not the best ,but they are improving.
The restaurants in Chicago have a big criteria.
Top ten restaurants in Chicago.
El Ideas
Girl and the Goat
Goose Foot
Joe's Seafood
24 beaches in the whole city.
Chicago's crime rate is at 587 overall.
Murders 506
Robberies 13,515
Thefts 72,373
Assaults 12,408
Auto thefts 19,446
Top 3 Collages
University of Chicago
University of Illinois
Depaul University
8.5 % of land in Chicago is parks.
They have made bike station by parks so tourist and ride them and see the city.
The largest park is called the Lincoln Park, and is 1,200 acres long.
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My conclusion is that I believe that living in Chicago is possible. I believe that the city has a good livability because already over 2 million people live there. Also with such good collage education it's great.Last there are many exciting thing to do/see like the Willis tower and roaming around the city.
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