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Student Voice

SPC Scenario Presentation

Erik Miller

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Student Voice

New Ideas New Directions Initiated, Started, Run by Students Student Represent Kit "ruMAD? is a dynamic mix of education, action, advocacy and events" ruMAD? Toolkit Contributing and Changing:
provide a common set of guiding principles to inform youth participation practices at all levels of government Stepping Forward Civics and Citizenship
Pathways Historical Perspective New Directions Curriculum Integration "Complete Freedom Over Learning." Roger Holdsworth School and Curriculum Change Empowering Students Student Voice Qualities of a Valued SRC Support Teacher Trusted Inclusion and Exclusion within Student Voice "We need to recognise that a first-class education is no longer a luxury. In our age, it is a fundamental civil right and necessity."
-Rupert Murdoch Students have the right to empowered participation and accountability, the right to a high quality, equal and inclusive education
(4 Basic Rights) “States Parties shall assure to the child who is capable of forming his or her own views the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child, the views of the child being given due weight in accordance with the age and maturity of the child”.UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) Article 12 ‘Promote a culture of excellence in all schools, by supporting them to provide challenging, and stimulating learning experiences and opportunities that enable all students to explore and build on their gifts and talents.’

‘Embrace opportunities, make rational and informed decisions about their own lives and accept responsibility for their own actions.’

(National Declaration) Election Clip ‘we realized now we were in a rut – we were limited by what we had done in the past… what we thought SRC’s should do. We got ideas from other schools about new possibilities’ ‘And they knew we (SRC from schools) were thinking bigger than individual schools and would understand the issue more’ ‘The girls at the back are top of the pecking order, two were captains last year ’‘My friend isn’t even going to go for it anymore because we all know who the leader is going to be. There is no point’ ‘It is always the popular kids. I overheard when we were voting the girls behind me were like, but she has better hair. It is stupid and pointless’ Importance of Student Voice classroom community classroom community Benefits of Student Voice school Disadvantages of Student Voice school Ways to Have a Student Voice community classroom school ...where kids have freedom to be themselves... "I would rather Summerhill produce a happy street-sweeper than a neurotic Prime Minister."
A.S. Neil Student Action Teams
Connect Magazine
Global Village Radio Show
Peer Tutoring Democratic Schools Free Schools Within Victoria James Beane Collaborative Planning What is Student Voice? community school classroom Involvement “Encouraging active and meaningful student participation and providing all students with opportunities to contribute and provide feedback to the school and the classroom ensure that students feel valued and empowered.”
- Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (2009) ‘Effective schools are engaging schools’ Informed Representation Investigation Reporting Back Creative Suggestions Make A Clear Report but most importantly Role of the
Teacher “When students are given a voice, they become more engaged with learning. Moreover, teachers gain insight into how to support student engagement and build more positive and collaborative relationships with students.”

(Victorian Education Department Paper No. 10, 2007 ‘Student Voice’) Proposes directions to the SRC:
Makes suggestions and puts forward ideas (particularly around how to do things)
Supports the SRC’s decision = fine balancing act to know when to ‘back off’ Creating Real Roles “Real change in schools results ... when schools take risks by offering students opportunities to build adult-student partnerships. Involving students as partners in their education strengthens their self-esteem and respect and provides practical agendas for improvement that have student support”
-(Victorian Education Department Paper No. 10, 2007 ‘Student Voice’) Student Reps. on the Teacher-Selection Panel “In this way student voice input is symbolic. Although the principal makes the final decision, students definitely affect this and allow us as teachers to see their perspectives.”
-Toni Meath (Assistant Principal) Student Engagement Case Study Provides:
Information, particularly around school rules and procedures
Advice on the SRC’s proposed initiatives
Contacts within the school (staff, principal, committees, etc) and outside the school (with local government, programs)
Help SRC when it’s in trouble What does an SRC Support Teacher do? Challenges the SRC:
Proposes counter-arguments so that SRC has to think about possible objections and problems
Gets the SRC to think through implications of its proposals and actions Respectful Democratic Prepared Supportive Enthusiastic Authoritative Responsible Students worry that the class:
Won’t listen to themunderstand what they are saying
Topics are too complicated
There is nothing interesting to report Reporting Back Research the topic
Views of other students
Listen to them rather than just telling them what you now know.
Even if you are at the centre of the SRC’s action on an issue, you still need to know how the wider student body is responding to developments. Investigation "Authentic student voice is not simply to provide data for other to make decisions, but that it should encourage young people's active participation in shared decision making and consequent actions." “Students are the ones being taught from them so it’s easier for us to learn when we know what they’re going to teach and how.”-Student who was on the LOTE subject panel "Student voice is... not simply the opportunity to communicate ideas and opinions; it is about having the power to influence change."
-Student Voice 2007, Victoria Department of Education
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