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Abc book of Civil Rights Movement

No description

Alondra Ayala

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Abc book of Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement
D is for DR.Martin Luther King JR.
The Emmet Till murder is when a fourteen year old boy is kidnapped and killed because of his skin color.This caused a big racial concern in the African-American community.A lot of people were scared that they were going to be kidnapped and killed.
G is for Mahatma Gandhi
B is for boycott
F is for Freedom rides
Freedom rides are were a group of people,whites and blacks,rode a bus to see if the segregation law was being enforced.This wasn't an easy job they were sometimes beaten and stoned.Some people even burned the buses.
Civil Rights Movement
BY: Alondra Ayala
African- Americans are people who came from Africa or african decent.These people are fighting for civil rights in the years of the civil rights movement.They are not the only race fighting for civil rights.
A boycott is the refusal to use something.A good example is the Montgomery bus boycott.It was led by Rosa Parks and MLK.
The Civil Rights Movement is where African Americans and other races fight for civil rights.This played a major part in american history.Everybody played a part the children,adults,whites,and blacks.
Information from TAJ
DR. King played an important part in the civil rights movement.He was the voice of African-Americans every where.He gave a lot of speeches but his best was his I have a dream speech.In this speech he states that he dreams that one day people will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
E is for Emmet Till murder
Gandhi was DR. King's inspiration for non-violent protest.Gandhi was doing the same thing in his own country.He realized the best way to fight is without actually fighting.
H is for Hank Aaron
Hank Aaron is best known for his homeruns and amazing hitting streak,but what most people didn't know was that he played a big part in the civil rights movement.He broke big racial barriers in baseball.Him and Jackie Robinson changed baseball for the whole world
I is for Ida Wells
Ida Wells was called The "Mother" of the Civil Rights Movement. She played a big part in the movement. She was also a women's activist. She fought for everybody's rights.
J is for Jackie Robinson
Jackie was an athletic barrier breaker much like Hank Aaron. He had a hard life in his hometown and then his family moved to Detroit. Jackie got a deal with the dodgers and changed history.
K is for Klu Klux Klan
The KKK are a group of people who were all white and are racist. They killed a lot of people just because of the color of their skin. They are one of the many bad parts of the Civil Rights Movement.
L is for Little Rock Nine
Little Rock Nine is where nine students go to central high school in Little Rock to integrate it. The kids did succeed. They were threatened and beaten but didn't fight back.
M is for Marches
Marches are one of the main way they protested during the Civil Rights Movement. They were non-violent walks were people supported what they believed in. They still have marches today and will for a long time.
N is for Non-Violent protesting
Non-violent protesting is DR. Martin's only tactic. He was following in Gandhi's foot steps. This tactic is what got African-American's their rights.
O is for Ole Miss
Ole Miss Integration is where riots broke out because of the enrollment of James Meredith. James was a black Air Force veteran. He did it anyway and integrated the University of Mississippi.
P is for Peter M. Ackerberg
Peter rode a Greyhound bus from Alabama to Jackson Mississippi on a freedom ride. He was a wonderful freedom rider. He was later arrested in Jackson for his participation.
Q is for Anne Queen
Anne is one of the few white people to help the blacks. She was drawn to the problem when she first interacted with blacks. She was a big help in the movement.
R is for Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks is played a big part in the beginning of the movement and most of the end. She basically started the movement. She was DR. King's partner.
S is for SCLC(Southern Christian Leadership Conference)
The SCLC is was started right after the bus boycott ended. It was started by DR. King.
It is a lot of civil rights groups.
T is Temple Bombing
The temple bombing is was where fifty sticks of dynamite blew up a temple in Georgia. All because of a skin color. Stuff like this is why the civil rights movement happened.
U is for
University of Alabama integration
The University of Alabama is just like all the other schools. The government made them accept black students. This turned out to be good for their future sports teams.
V is Irad Valentine
Irad is a civil rights worker who was on the public safety program in Alabama. She helped with medical incidents. Even the little people help in big ways.
W is for White people
White people are the people who are against integration. Their just as equal as black people. Some white people were with blacks.
X is for Malcom X
Malcom is like DR.King but he is the black muslim leader. Most people under estimated him because of his beliefs. His race didn't help either. He still went somewhere and made it big time.
Y is for Yasir Arafat
Yasir went further in life than people thought. He won a Nobel piece prize. He was also president of Palestine.
Z is for Zendaya
zendaya is an example of the outcome of the movement. She is a singer, and dancer. She is very famous .
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