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Entrepreneur Research Project

No description

Judd Robertson

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Entrepreneur Research Project

Entrepreneur Research Project

. Research your Chosen Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur’s background
*picture of the entrepreneur
a. Entrepreneur’s name/Date of birth and death (if applicable)
b. Education/job experiences
c. Personal Information (Family, Hometown, Wife, ect.)

Their Products, Business, Ideas

e. What their Business was, and how they started it.
f.Describe in detail their contributions to the world
g Additional information about Business or Person (minimum 5 facts)

Entrepreneur Research Project
*Bibliography :
Site all your sources at the end
*keep track of where you find information( will lose 10 points if no Bibliography Page.

*Your presentations will be submitted onto Edmodo

*Points will be deducted for not working during classtime.


Research on Entrepreneur

Part 1: Background Information: 15Pts
Part 2: Their Products, Business, Ideas :15pts

Pictures: 10pts
Bibliography: -10pts if Missing
Presentations: 10pts

Total Points 50pts

III: Visuals
*Include min of 10 photos related to the person you researched (include descriptions)
you will be selecting an entrepreneur of you choice and preparing a research presentation on the entrepreneur you selected.
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