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Cost-Effective Online Marketing Strategies for your Eyecare

No description

Marilyn Gomez

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Cost-Effective Online Marketing Strategies for your Eyecare

Cost-Effective Online Marketing Strategies for the Eyecare Business
by Mark Dolabany
Best Image Optical, Inc.
email mdolabany@bestimageoptical.com

My "Focus Group"
My "Sales Manager"
My "Wardrobe Stylist"
My "Travel Agent"
Online Marketing Strategies
Create a Website

Sign-up to Local Directories

Promote with Video

Promote on Social Media

Create a Blog

Submit Press Releases

Email your Customers
Google Keyword Planner
Keywords & S.E.O
Oliver Dolabany
Ronia Dolabany
Doralice Dolabany
My Reason for the Course
Sharing My Experience
Description of Course
What are Keywords & S.E.O.?

How are they used?

How do you find the right Keywords for your business?
Google Search
1 Create a Website
a. Domain
b. Hosting
c. Template
Choose a Name Related to your Business/Industry
> Incorporating your Business
> ex. ABC Optical >> abcoptical.com
> Tip: Don't Use Numbers, Abbreviations, Etc.

At the very least >> Buy your Domain Name
The place where your Website "Lives"
Using a Preset Template include:
> NAP (should be text not an image)
> Business Services, Hours, Staff Introduction
> Add your Logo, Images of your Office, Staff, Product
> Rename pictures

Choose a "Responsive" Template
> Mobile
> Test all Platforms

2 Sign-Up to Local Directories
a. Register your Business on
Leading Search Engines
d. Tips

Be Informative, Relevant, Provide Answers & Solutions

Do not add Music
> Bounce Rate (Visit 2-3pgs)

Include your Keywords

b. Other Important Directories...
c. Manage Your Listings
Always Verify Information
Use Keyword Rich Descriptions
Add Pictures
> Rename pictures/Keywords

Respond to Reviews
> Negative:
Respond, Repair,
Report, Thank them &
Provide an incentive to Return
> Positive:
Respond, Thank them,
& Use it with their permission

3 Promote with Videos
4. Link your Website (URL)
> http://www.abcoptical.com
3. Make your Title & Description
Keyword Rich
1. Create a Free Account on YouTube
2. Upload a Compilation of Photos
or Video Clips
Add music, text, and effects
Keep length under 2 minutes
Tip: Post at least
once a month
Other video-making programs
4 Promote on Social Media
Social Media Platforms
Establish your network of Friends, Create a Fan Page, Build Relationships
Spread the word, Share Knowledge, Create Relationships, Gain Followers
Your Profile and then your Company Page, Build your Network, Join Groups and Discussions
Instagram & Pinterest:
Post Pictures Rename, Hashtag #
Google +:
A must! Very Google Friendly
Get a Social Media Planner

Promote Business, Knowledge, Services

Target your Local Community

Local Groups

Connect with Local Merchants

Post onto Friends' Pages & Repost their shares
Update Daily
Share Valuable Information
Post Pictures (Rename with Keywords)
Add your URL to each Post
Link to your YouTube channel & others
5 Start a Blog
Why a Blog?
Valuable Tool for Businesses
Engagement with Customers
Share Expertise, Product, Services
Every post is a Long-Term Asset
Build Brand Awareness
Help Increase Presence on Search Engines >> High SEO, Low Cost
Suggested Platforms...
NO Professional Web Designer Needed!
Articles Available for Purchase

> constant-content.com
> master-resale-rights.com
> fiverr.com

> Credit author, Cite Sources
Keyword Rich
Don't Copy & Paste
6 Submit Press Releases
7 Promote with Email
a. Acquire Customer & Prospect Emails
b. Grow your Contact List with a Website Form

> Call - to-Action
h. Choosing a Simple
Low-Cost Program
d. Set up your Auto-responder
e. Send an Email Once a Month

f. Simple, Meaningful,
> Buy vs. Sell

Consider Outsourcing
Newsworthy Ideas
Trunk Show
New Employee
New Product/Services
Event Attendance
Community Involvement
Mothers' Day

Outsource your writing...
private label rights (PLR)
No reads?!
No reads?!
ex. Automakers, Pepsi Ads
Top - of - Mind
Incentives to SignUp
Give Aways
FREE items
Coupons, Discounts

> Sunglasses
> Lens Cleaner
> Microfiber Cloth
> Accessories
> Adjustment and Maintenance
Do not upgrade!
Press Releases are...
S.E.O. Boosters
VCA 2.2 years...
Share your Videos
> Add fishbowl or signup sheet
> Consultation, Closing of a Sale
> Disclaimer - Anti-Spam Laws
Create a Local Experience
Old World
New World
Top Level Domain (TLD) .actor .diet
Mark Dolabany
email mdolabany@bestimageoptical.com
g. Encourage Reviews,
Send a Direct Link
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