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Body Language

No description

Priscila Sousa

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Body Language


Arms Crossed
Hands over Mouth
Back of Neck
Tugging Ear
Steeple Fingers
Chin in Palm
Hands on Hips
Touching the Nose
Palms Up
Self Clasping Hands
Crossed Arms
Finger Pointing
The Chop
Counting on Fingers
Rubbing Hands Together
Bring it on, let's get going
Palms Down
Hands on Hips
Steeple Fingers
Hands Behind Back
Pigeon Toes
Wringing Hands
Dusting off shoulders or swaying hair back
Hands in Pocket
Thumbs Out
Toe Tap
Stiffen Movements
Fig Leaf
Measuring Gestures
Touch Nose
Looking over your Glasses
Compressed Lips
Measuring Gestures
Lies if they don't align with words
Touch Nose
Don't like this conversation
Body Language
55% Body Language
38% Tone
7% Words
Reading & Writing
55% Body Language
38% Tone
7% Words
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