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what is pollination?

Ignacio Bartomeus

on 27 July 2011

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Transcript of Pollination

pollen grains to female pistil from male anthers need to travel in order to reproduce Pollination The Usual Suspects Beetles Flies Bees Birds And even some Bats & Lizards! Butterflies However, Bees are the Best Pollinators You probably know the Honeybee... But there are many more species >20 000 species
worldwide >85% of all the world plants rely on pollinators Produced by the Winfree Lab
Design: Ignasi Bartomeus &
Faye Benjamin (pollen tubes in a flower stigma) Any animal can pollinate if it can carry... Ant visiting Euphorbia, NJ in Spanish chaparral Syrphid fly in wild radish, Germany Beetltes visiting a plant, Spain visiting (Spain) Swallowtail, Canada Ruby-throated Hummingbird Photos:
Ignasi Bartomeus
Faye Benjamin
Dan Cariveau
Lindsey Fenner
Molly MacLeod
Lisa Mandle
Rachael Winfree
Wikimedia Andrena sp Anthidium sticticum Some carpenter bees rob nectar without pollinating
by making holes in the flowers, , NJ Species. place , New Jersey Bee-mimic syrphid fly , PA Bumblebee Some bees collect a lot of pollen! Many bees have specialized structures to carry pollen Halictid Pollen easily sticks to bees, because they are hairy but most bees nest solitary with one adult per nest and sometimes even in snail shells! After mating but wait...this is not a bee Bees visit flowers to collect nectar and pollen, close up of leg Genera species, Place Melissodes bimaculata Peponapis sp , Spain Bumblebee,
, NJ But, Who Does Plants need pollination pollen grains Psilothrix sp Oxythyrea funesta Cistus monspeliensis Carpobrotus spp Andrena sp in pumpkin, PA Even small bees can be very good pollinators Augochlora , NJ Bombus Impatiens Xylocopa sp. Colletes thoracicus Some bees are social Honeybee hive they make nests in the ground, in wood holes Ceratina sp , PA , PA
,NJ , Spain microscope image 40x microscope image 200x Honey bee (Apis mellifera) Panurginus sp , NJ
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