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What is Archaeology?

No description

Jeffrey Sepanski

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of What is Archaeology?

What is Archaeology?
Jeffrey W. Sepanski
Tribal Historic Preservation Office
Seminole Tribe of Florida
What is Archaeology?
Archaeology is the the
scientific study of people
through the examination of their
material remains
such as buildings, graves, tools, and other artifacts usually dug up from the ground.

What are material remains?
"Stuff left behind by humans that we can see!"
Human Remains
Human remains are frequently part of the material record. We can learn a lot from them as they are a record of an individuals life.
Manuports are
objects that may not have been used or modified. But they do not belong where they are found.
Such objects may have been moved by people.

Ecofacts are
objects from the environment.
These can be the remains of meals. Also biological and geological evidence of the environment.

Artifacts are any
objects made by humans
Male or Female
Age at death
Factors affecting lifestyle
* Any study of human remains must be done with permission of descendants and conducted with respect. This is a part of research ethics which is a very important part of today's archaeological methods.
What are artifacts in context?
Context is simply where an object is found.
Where is it?
How is it positioned?
What is around it?
Putting artifacts and context together
To make sense of artifacts and context and make the best possible insights into the past, Archaeologists need to study a lot!
You must really like studying people!
Environmental Science
Physics helps too!
*not to be confused with fossils
Features are human-made creations that cannot be removed.
Why are these artifacts here?
What do they represent?
Putting together pieces of a puzzle
How do we know how old artifacts are?
Archaeologists are a lot like dectectives
Fun facts about Florida Archaeology
Now what is Tribal Archaeology?
Any Questions?
We work for the tribe. By doing archaeology, we help preserve their culture by finding artifacts and preserving them for current and future generations!
Then we excavate!
First we Explore!
Where might people have once lived?
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