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Sebastian Jarraß

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Englisch-Elaic

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close By Jonathan Safran Foer Two different stories Oskar's story: Search for the lock The story of his grandparents: Story of their lifes Summary Oskar's story The story of his grandparents Oskar's story: Search for the lock
Father died on 11th of September 2001
Find's a key in his fathers closet
The Word “Black” on the envelope
searching for the lock of the key
At the end he finds the lock but it doesn't belong to him or his father The story of his grandparents: Story of their lifes
told by letters
his grandparents are both from Dresden
Grandfather lost his speech
Grandfather meets and marry Grandmother
Grandmother becomes pregnant
Grandfather runs away
Oskar Clever nine years old boy
Curious for science
Sharing of knowledge → communication
Hard to deal with him → gets bullied
He is an inventor
traumatic event → dead of his father
Father is the most important person for him
He searches for the lock to prove the love to his father
buries his emotions inside Writing style Unique writing style → line of imaginations to support the reader
Several pictures → mentioned in the novel
Whole text as a picture
Letters, business cards, the different narrators got typical characteristics
Oskar → active narrator , grandparents → narrated by letters
childish and “over-clever” Oskar → refreshing
Oskar emphasises something by using “incredibly” or “extremely” Trust and Betrayal Relationship between Oskar and his mother Relationship between his grandparents Oskar doesn't trust in his mother → didn't tell her about the key
Mother knows everything and trusts Oskar Grandfather sees the dead sister Anna in his wife
Grandfather leaves his pregnant wife
Grandfather sees his grandson Oskar
They both fear to be alone Comment In our opinion the book is really interesting and motivating to read. The end was really surprising and the emotions of the characters gets really close. The special writing style of the novel really formed a fixed film inside our heads. The pictures and other strange parts like unreadable text passages woke our interest to read further and to understand the meaning of them. We recommend everybody to read this extremely interesting and incredibly fascinating novel.
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