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Forrest Gump Hero's Journey

No description

Ma Fer

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Forrest Gump Hero's Journey

A Hero's Journey Forrest Gump The 12 Steps Through
A Hero's Journey By Marifer Hernandez
and Stephan Boghs Crossing The Threshold Supreme Ordeal The Mundane World The Call To Adventure Meeting The Mentor The Path of Trials As a young kid, Forrest has to wear braces to support his legs. When three bullies start to throw rocks at him on his way home, he is encouraged by Jenny to run. He begins jogging, when suddenly, his braces fall apart and he begins to run freely. Young Forrest Gump lives in Greenbow, Alabama with his mother who runs a guest home. He is mentally impaired but somehow is very clever. He lives an ordinary life and because of his lack of friends, spends most of his time on a tree with his friend Jenny. When Forrest decides to enroll in the military, he is sent to Vietnam. When he gets there he is introduced to Lieutenant Dan; this brave soldier becomes his role-model and friend throughout the story. Dan helps Forrest become more confident and independent not only as a man,but also manages to teach him basic military and weaponry skills. Although, eventually Mr.Gump becomes a sort of mentor to Lt. Dan, he was a trusted, loyal teacher to him as well. Return With The Elixir Crossing The Threshold-"Resurrection" The Road Back While running coast to coast of the U.S.A., Forrest realizes that he wants to go home, back to Alabama. During this traveling journey he manages to motivate many people along the way. Later he learns that each person that he gave an idea or suggestion to turned out to be a complete success, but when he comes back, he finds that Jenny is sick. Reward- Seizing The Prize Approach To The Inmost Cave Test, Allies and Enemies Forrest encounters many obstacles in his life, but not all of them are bad. He accidentally runs through a football field which earns him a scholarship to the University of Alabama and a spot on the football team. Despite his disabilities,Forrest manages to become personally involved in most of the critical events that take place in American History from the late 1950s until the early 1980s.
This includes the Vietnam War, where he saves most of his platoon because of his ability to run.Forrest even meets three American Presidents as well as Elvis Presley and John Lennon. In a way, this movie is a look at a period of American history through the eyes of a gentle soul who simply accepts things for what they are. Forrest's unbelievable ability to run is the foundation for his success in life. Since he first discovered this, it has been a great part of his journey through life. The braces on his legs symbolized how his mental disability glued him down and didn't let him be. When the braces fell apart, they allowed him to be independent and free. At the end, Forrest finally comes home with his son. He gets to spend quality time with him and learns how to care for him despite his "disability". He protects him and takes him to the bus stop just like his mother did as a kid. After all the struggles that crossed him, Forrest finally got what he wanted. Forrest's reward was getting Jenny back after everything they've been through. Finally, he got to be with who he loved. They get married and live peacefully together in the house where he grew up. Throughout Forrest's adventurous life he encounters many different people. He is friendly to everyone he meets therefore he is bound to make some enemies. His first friend, Jenny, plays an essential role. She gives Forrest strength in her words. While enemies include the school bullies and Lt. Dan at some point. Though these characters are crucial to his story, Forrest is ultimately tested with Bubba. He is his companion and is in Vietnam with him at the time of the war. When catastrophe strikes and his best friend is killed by a bullet wound he doesn't know what to do. This portion of Forrest's story takes place when he is in Vietnam. During preparation for potential conflict, Forrest and the other soldiers are disassembling and assembling a rifle. Surprisingly, he is the fastest one to perform this task. This foreshadows the upcoming tragic events and creates suspense. Forrest honors his promise to Bubba to get a boat and become a shrimp boat captain. On the boat he gets news that his dear mother is ill, he runs to her bedside. When Forrest is back home he realizes his mother, who is his only parent, has gotten severe cancer and is not going to make it. Forrest's strength is tested once more with Jenny's death and because of this he becomes even stronger; he knows that he needs to stay strong for his son. Because of the historical events that Mr. Gump was apart of he is remembered by everyone. Even after that fame fades he finds someone to tell at the bus stop that is truly in awe over his life's story. This quality attracts people to want to know who he is. He becomes a role-model himself and, because of this, inspires a great deal of people.
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