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Alize Chalala

on 12 July 2015

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Who is Influencer?
INFLUENCER can be individuals writing blogs or publishing articles in online forums as well as friends suggesting a special product they recently bought.
Main ways an influencer can have a immense impact on your business
In today's social web, there are a three main ways an influencer can have a immense impact on your business:
1. They can write a blog post / article.
2. They can share information in their social media accounts.
3. They can ask or permit to guest post on their site.
4. Or, any combination of, or all of, the above.
Benefit of Influencer
The benefit is better than individual efforts.

Let's say you (influencer) had 100 followers in your Twitter account that shared a part of content, and these results in say 20,000 people seeing what they shared.

Now consider the same audience being reached by one influencer.

Those 20,000 connections will be much more reactive to the shared content because of the faith they have in the opinions of the influencer.
How to select an Influencer

The important task in influencer marketing is the selection of influencer.

The important task in influencer marketing is the selection of influencer and for that
the objectives of the business
should keep in mind.

The marketer can use already engaged influencer or find new influencer according to the objectives and the product and service attributes.

The idea is to know the objectives, recognize how the buyer buys and then figure out where influencer content makes the most sense.

Right influencers are must because they will carry trust into the buying process.

In Influencer Marketing, focus is on to the influencers in marketing efforts instead of using the brand as the lead.

What is
Influencer Marketing?
Influencer marketing is the procedure of developing relationships with influential people that can influence the enormous number of potential buyers.

This marketing technique is used where the seller has some unique product or service to offer to their potential buyers.
Types of Influencer
1) Traditional influencers

2) Emerging (digital) influencers

3) Influencers by connection

4) Influencers by topic
Influencer marketing
includes four main activities
1. Identifying influencers, and grade them in order of their significance.

2. Marketing to influencers, to increase awareness of the firm within the influencer’s group of people.

3. Marketing through influencers, using influencers to increase market awareness of the firm amongst target markets.

4. Marketing with influencers, turning influencers into advocates of the firm.

Role of the “Big Three” of Social Media in Today Business scenario
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