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MBLC- White Board (1)

I started to publish some of my templates - whiteboard great for pitching ideas. Enjoy.

Abdulaziz Abdulrahim

on 11 July 2016

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Transcript of MBLC- White Board (1)

Khamis Mushait Land Plot- Best Land Use Study
Site Location
Residential Sales Price per Sqm
Site SWOT Analysis
Es una lista de textos y obras, ordenadas alfabéticamente por apellido de autor, en el que se anotan los datos generales que identifican las obras que se han consulado y que se habrán de consultar, durante el proceso de la investigación documental y de campo.
This Report has been prepared by GRMC Advisory Services
for M. Binladin Company (MBLC) to provide a market study
and development recommendations for MBLC’s land
located in Khamis Mushait. The information presented
herein is furnished solely for assisting M. Binladin Company
(MBLC) in evaluating future development opportunities for
the land plot in Khamis Mushait. This Report should not be
relied on by any other third parties or for any other
The projections set forth in this Report have been
prepared on the basis of certain stated assumptions.
Future conditions may differ from the assumptions used
and consequently no representation is made with respect to the accuracy or completeness of these projections.
Recommended Summary
Executive Summary
Our recommendations have been developed in consideration of the three land plots which make up the site; Plot 1 (59,411 Sqm), Plot2 (65,536 Sqm), and Plot 3 (4,850 Sqm).
Catchment Area Map
Housing Demand in Khamis Mushait
Aug 2011- Mar 2012
Project Timeline
Potential Concept for Residential Units
Preliminary Study
Development of Preliminary Budget Estimate
Feb-Mar 2012
Start Arrangement for Financing Phase
Mar 2012
Feb-Sept 2012
Design Phase
Tendering & Procurements Process
Sept-Oct 2012
Start Arrangement for Financing Phase
March 2012
Best Land Use Study
First Draft Report
Final Report Delivery
Designer Selection/Award
Concept Design
Local Designer Selection
Approval from Municipality
Geotechnical Study
Preliminary Study
Final Design
Construction Documents
Develope of Contract packagin Strategy
Pre-Qualification of Contractors
Establishment of Insurance Requirements
Identification & Procurement Strategy
Develop of Bulk Procurement Strategy
Updating of Budget for the project
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