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Literary Elements in "Don't You Worry Child"

Our prezi on the song by Swedish House Mafia "Don't You Worry Child" and its literary elements.

Tdogalog Jacoso

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Literary Elements in "Don't You Worry Child"

"...That's where I had my first heartbreak."
Hearts can't physically break, so this is an idiom. The idiom "heartbreak" usually means overwhelming distress or a strong feeling of sadness. 4. 3. by: Teegan, Josh, & Sarah Literary Elements in
"Don't You Worry Child"
Swedish House Mafia
"In a happy home,
I was a king, I had a
golden throne."
This is a metaphor because it compares the singer to a king. When he was young, he felt happy and content, like a king.
"I hear the songs from the places where I was born." This is personification because places can't sing songs. The singer is remebering his happy childhood
when times were easier. IDIOM 2. PERSONIFICATION "There was a time,
I met a girl of a different
kind." This is flashback because he
remembers an event from the past when
he met a girl. FLASHBACK This Is The End Literary ELements
For Language Arts
Mrs. Smith :) 1. METAPHOR "Upon a hill across a blue lake." This phrase is imagery because it uses sensory details (sight) to paint a picture in the reader's mind. IMAGERY
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