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No description

mathilda eloff

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of shopper

What makes Top Retailers tops in SA?
Omni-channel retailing: the rise or demise of modern retailers?
Omni-channel retailing: the rise or demise of modern retailers?
Based on findings of The Times / Sowetan 2013 Top Retail survey

Big consumer brands count!  
Are SA shoppers still brand seekers?
Does maximising in-store experience make a retailer king?

Offering ‘non-retail’ services: is it a distraction from
core business or does it secure further shopping?

Who’s getting the link between Consumer and Shopper needs right?
Retail Grand Prix Awards
Omni-channel retailing:
Big consumer brands count!
Edgars voted #1 Female & #1 Male
Fashion retailer ‘red hangar sale’
discounter to flagship local and
international brand stockist
SA shoppers still love brands.
Studio 88 in men’s clothing
(branded quality casual
Apple featured in the Top 10 for the technology retailer category for the 1st time in 2013

Offering incremental services
your customers need
secures further shopping
Shoprite ‘Money Market’
counters securing further
shoppers at the start & end-point

Pick ‘n Pay now offering
‘Mobile Money’ (MTN) and other transactional services at
‘Smart Money’ counters

Getting the link between Consumer and Shopper
needs right
Spitz voted the Top Shoe retailer in SA
The Pick n Pay Smart Shopper story …
Launched in 2011 5 million members within 1 year 6 million+ members in 2013
The rise or demise of modern retailers?
Recognises the consumer pride in personal appearance and the extrinsic value of quality shoes
Offers quality products / in store delivery
Making it ‘reachable’ through lay-byes
Omni - channel retailing: "connecting Web mobile and 'brick & mortar' retailing for a seamless customer experience" is limited in SA due to:
high cost of internet access
security of online transacting
slow delivery capability
Maximising in - store experience can make a retailer
A working, local example of a coupon system with 1 cent back
for every R1 spent driving a strong call to action

HUGE Big Data opportunities remain to be leveraged
Extensions into new / dedicated retail sectors are working for the Big Grocery retailers

Omni-channel retailing is still on the horizon

Top fashion retailers are winning by feeding the demand for top local and international brands

Maximising in- store experience is creating new retail kings

Offering incremental services that customers need brings more feet in-store

Getting the link between Consumer and Shopper needs right drives success

Let’s start by taking a look at the Grand Prix winners of the 2013 Top Retailers survey
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