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EPQ Presentation

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Chloe Harris

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of EPQ Presentation

Chloe Harris
Why I chose this investigation:
Problems I came across during my project:
I chose to study this topic because of the increased media interest in the debate in the recent years.

I also have personal experience in the area which meant that the project was of a high interest to me due to family circumstances.
I also looked into the reasons why people turn to euthanasia as detailed by the ‘Death with Dignity Act.’

I also looked at which countries legally allowed Euthanasia to occur; Oregon (1997), Switzerland (1941), Belgium (2002) and Netherlands (2002),
How I completed my research:
Firstly, I looked into the exact definitions of the types of euthanasia as this allowed me to clarify them in my head before I began to write my essay.

Active Euthanasia
Passive Euthanasia
Voluntary Euthanasia
Non-voluntary Euthanasia
Assisted Suicide
How I completed my research:
I also created my own survey on ‘surveymonkey.com’ which allowed me to find out people’s opinion on Euthanasia in the UK.
- Do you feel Euthanasia should be legalised in the UK?
- In what circumstances do you feel Euthanasia is acceptable?
How I completed my research
I found it hard to collect enough responses for my own survey to have a large enough sample. To overcome this I posted the link to the survey on social network sites to appeal to a larger audience.
Also with my survey, I originally planned to ask questions relating to background to see how this effects view on euthanasia but had to change this due to limitations of site.
I also found it hard to reference all my sources in the bibliography as this is a skill I'm not used to using, to overcome this I asked for advice from peers and my supervisor.
I also had to work to ensure there was no bias in the essay as a result of my personal interest in the debate. To do this I clearly argued for both sides, using sub headings to keep my focus.
Also, I found it incredible how our country forces people to travel to places such as Switzerland to end their life.
A majority of 70% of my responses voted yes to whether they think Euthanasia should be legalised in the U.K.
55% would support a campaign to legalise Euthanasia within the U.K.
When asked the circumstances which Euthanasia should be allowed, common themes included were: -> terminal illness-> loss of function -> 'vegetative state'
As a result of these findings coupled with the research I completed, I came to the conclusion that, although extremely strict guidelines would need to be imposed, there is room for euthanasia to be legalised in our society.
If I were to complete this project again I would:

Complete my suvey on a larger scale with more questions to further aid my conclusions, this would allow a wider range of opinions into the debate, meaning more voices will be heard.
I'd aim to interview people who have been effected by Euthanasia to gain an insight into the implications on family/friends. This would increase my research and allow a stronger conclusion as to whether legalising Euthanasia would work in the UK.
Complete more research into case studies both for and against Euthanasia to broaden my study.
My advice to new EPQ students:
Start your research early so you have enough time to gain detailed background knowledge as this will help you when you begin writing. This will also allow you to have wider subject knowledge which will make the whole project easier to complete.
Make sure you have a clear question to answer or clear topic area because this will help you structure the investigation better. If there isn't a clear topic, your essay/artefact may lose structure which will effect your final peice.
Keep a track of your sources from the start otherwise you'll have to try and backdate at a later date which is harder.
Make sure you choose a subject area which you enjoy, if you dont enjoy your project you won't get the benefits.
I looked into case studies of both people who had turned to euthanasia and those who are against it being legalised to increase my knowledge and aid my research.
An introduction to Euthanasia:
Why I chose the investigation
How I completed the research
Problems I came across
How I over came these
Advice for EPQ Students
Any Questions?
Thankyou for listening!

if you have any questions regarding Euthanasia or my EPQ or want adivce/help for your own feel free to email me:
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