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중2 taboo game/unit.8

No description

Youngji Lee

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of 중2 taboo game/unit.8

Different Places,
Different Cultures

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
What does 'Taboo' mean?
Make your own Taboo cards
with your group members.

Let's think creatively!
now, it's your turn!
Game rule
1. In a group, pick one student who will find the answer.
(he/she will be a '

2. Other students need to describe the picture they choose not using the suggested 'TABOO' words

3. 'Finder' is supposed to pick the right picture after other students describe the picture.
ice, cold, white, igloo
Greek, white, sea, flowers
drawing, Egypt, wall, brown
white, dome, windows, three
stick, two,
desert, triangle
water, ship, people, reed
stone, grass, wind power, generator
snow, inside, transparent, glass, forest
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