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What is the biggest push factor in Africa

No description

Mr. Bailey

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of What is the biggest push factor in Africa

What is the biggest push factor in Africa?
Your Goal:
1. Choose a push factor from Africa, which you believe people should know more about
2. Create a prezi presentation
3. Try to obtain the most views/votes for your Prezi
Your Prezi will have 5 Parts
1. Tejas Paragraph
2.Link to google maps
3. At least 8 pictures

You will choose 2 of the following:
4 Facts of evidence
A timeline with 4 facts
1 Political cartoons
Video Link to CNN
You are ready to create your Prezi.

Directions: Click the link below and view the prezi
2.Make a copy on your account
1. As you watch the videos and see the pictures choose 3 push factors
2. When you finish select 1 final push factor
3. Click the the right arrow to begin

- Push Factor 1: Robert Mugabe Dictatorship

Push Factor 2: Idi Amin Dictatorship
- Push Factor 3: Rwanda Genocide
Push factor 4: Pirates of Somalia
Push Factor 5: Colonialism in the Congo
Push Factor 6: Nelson Mandela:Segregation in South Africa
(He is a global leader !!!!! )
Push Factor: 8 Blood Diamonds: Sierra Leone or Angola
Push Facotr 9: LRA: Child Soldiers
1. Choose one of the push factors you wrote down.
2. Raise your hand and tell Mr.Bailey your push factor
3. When it is approved click the right arrow

Rwanda Genocide:


Pirates of Somalia



Click the right arrow for more links

If you want more push factor options:
Click on the following link
If you have 3 push factors : click the right arrow
More links:

Belgian Colonialism:

Nelson Mandela


Blood Diamonds:


LRA Child soldiers



For Help on TEJAS paragraph click the right arrow

You will now begin your TEJAS paragraph

1. Click on the website link for your push factor
2. Find evidence and "reason" for your write a TEJAS paragraph
3. When you finish return to this screen
4. Click the right arrow to begin

Robert Mugabe:

Idi Amin Dictatorship

(For more push factors click the right arrow)
Writing your TEJAS paragraph:
T: Restate the Question:
"The biggest problem in Africa is _____________ because ____________"

E: Click the right arrow to find a link with facts about your conflict

J: Tell me why this fact is important: Why should people care

A:Make a connection to another part of the world where else did this happen or might it happen?
"This same push factor is also happening in ____________"

S: Remix your thesis statement:
"________________ is a huge problem in africa because __________"

When you finish your TEJAS paragraph click the right arrow

The toughest part is over:

Part 2

Click the right arrow to continue
1. Select
two additional parts
to put on your prezi
2.After you select two click the right arrow

You will choose 2 of the following:
4 Facts of evidence
A timeline with 4 facts
1 Political cartoons
Video link on history.com or pbs.org
Directions for finding for facts
(if you did not choose this click the right arrow)

1. Go to your link
2. Find 4 facts about your push factor
3. Write the 4 facts below, if you need to paraphrase (shorten) your facts you can.

Option2: Timeline of facts
(if you did not choose this option click the arrow)
1. Go to google.com
2. Search “ timeline of ________________ (your push factor)”
3. Find 4 important dates and events

Option 3: Political cartoon

(If you did not choose this option click the right arrow)

1. Go to google.com
2. Type in “Political cartoons of ________________________ (your push factor)”
3. Select 1 Political Cartoon
4.Complete APPARTS
Option 4: Video
(Click the right arrow for more directions)
1. Go to www.pbs.org or www.history.com
2. In the search box type in your push factor
3.Search for a video about your conflict
4. Copy and paste the video onto your Prezi.com
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